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  1. Don’t forget GCI/AWACS WD, a far more important feature for the nature of the Sim.
  2. Hi, I solved the problem by copying the files 'vcruntime140_1.dll' and 'msvcp140_1.dll' from another computer to 'C:\Windows\System32'. Thanks!
  3. Hi, I just Installed LotAtc to a multiple instance DCS Dedicated Server PC. I Installed all the maps Relief files and LotAtc Server and LotAtc Configurator. When I run LotAtc configurator I get the foloowing message: 'The code execution cannot proceed because VCRUNTIME140_1.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem.' Any help? Thanks!
  4. Better yet: Korea map & Korea War Assets Pack … and… Vietnam (SEA) map & Vietnam War Assets Pack I’d buy all four!!!
  5. Hi. I'm trying to open a second Dedicated Server. How to use -w (or --w ???) command line? Do I have/how to add the path? Any special formatting/characters? Thanks! Edit: I Already have a second Server folder in Saved Games. ... and I do not have an autoexec.cfg file in any Server folder. Edit 2: I found the answer!!! https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/200140-dedicated-servers-quickstart/#comments
  6. I confirm that the same client entering twice or multiple clients will save the file, except for the first client. The bug is also confirmed every time a server is started/restarted or a mission is changed/restarted. Note: on one occasion that the first and second client connected almost simultaneously the file failed for both.
  7. Hi, I can't make Tacview, installed on a DCS Dedicated Server, record one file per client. My settings below: ["Tacview"] = { ["tacviewAutoDiscardFlights"] = 10, ["tacviewBookmarkShortcut"] = 0, ["tacviewDebugMode"] = 0, ["tacviewFlightDataRecordingEnabled"] = true, ["tacviewModuleEnabled"] = true, ["tacviewMultiplayerFlightsAsClient"] = 2, ["tacviewMultiplayerFlightsAsHost"] = 3, ["tacviewRealTimeTelemetryEnabled"] = true, ["tacviewRealTimeTelemetryPassword"] = "", ["tacviewRealTimeTelemetryPort"] = "42674", ["tacviewRemoteControlEnabled"] = false, ["tacviewRemoteControlPassword"] = "", ["tacviewRemoteControlPort"] = "42675", ["tacviewSinglePlayerFlights"] = 2, ["tacviewTerrainExport"] = 0, If ["tacviewMultiplayerFlightsAsHost"] = 2, it correctly saves a single (big) file in the correct chosen folder. Cheers!!!
  8. My take for 2022 Core engines/APIs: - Bug squashing - Vulkan - OpenXR (I guess, to replace OpenVR) - Multi-threading - Performance optimization Core simulation: - Bug squashing - New DM (damage model) for all units - IR model for all units - VoIP radio feature completed - AI FM and behavior improvements - Dynamic weather - Comms (especially GCI/AWACS) overhaul - Way more AI units - Weapons behavior optimization - Performance optimization Modules (already released or EA): - Bug squashing - All modules older than 1 year out of EA - Overhaul of the one most outdated module (one per year would be great) - Way more units in WWII Assets Pack - Performance optimization Modules (New): - Apache Q1 - MB 339 Q1 - Mirage F1 Q1 - BS3 Q2 - F4U Corsair Q2 - South Atlantic Q2 - F-15E Strike Eagle Q3 - A-7 Corsair II Q4 - F-4 Phantom II Q4 - MiG-17 Q4 - Fiat G91 Q4 - Kiowa Q4 - Surprise Module Q4 Well, that’s all folks cheers!!!
  9. Hi, Understandable move but hope that in the future this project will come back even better than it already is (was). Future Improvements that may hopefully warrant SoW comeback: - expanded Normandy map - proper WWII radio navigation - eliminate outstanding bugs (ok, the elephant in the room) - overhaul of old modules (ED should, besides completing early access modules - Yak-52 included, overhaul at least the one most outdated module per year which would include Warbirds (even create a dedicated team for overhauls and bug squashing) - more (many, many, many more) units in WWII Assets Pack - proper modeling of WWII EW radars and GCI procedures and communications - more theater and chronologically fit modules - dynamic maps that based on date (historical date) would have certain infrastructure appear or not. Ex: the Normandy ALGs would have for instance four stages (empty, initial construction, half construction and operational) according to historical chronological status. This would expand operations time span (pre-invasion, invasion and post-invasion) and add historical realism and immersion - dynamic campaign (parameterizable in this case to fit real world historical operations) with moving fronts that would upscale operations and mean different possible outcomes and probably induce better mission objectives discipline by the players - whole world map where one could fly to differently detailed areas (Normandy 1944 and The Channel) - introduction of logistics convoys/columns/air transport where BAI would play a role in the availability of frontline combat assets - expanding of air reconnaissance to really discover moving combat and logistics units that would appear in the F10 map with a time stamp (not real time unit visibility) - improved VR performance to then improve VR image quality (as I understand monitor players can spot , track and identify aircraft way better than VR players - I know VR resolution plays a big role in this and that technology is slowly catching up but on the software side there’s work to be done) - further improve DM, ballistics and ammunition effects - better AI FM (it’s coming probably soon) - implement proper bailed out pilot water landing (dinghy where are you?) and ditching behavior - when the pilot ejects on the ground, usually because the aircraft is unsafe, he should complete the drill (automatically) by moving away to a safe distance (and not be stuck moonwalking on the wing) and only then become player controlled - proper ship DM including their defensive weapons - more human like behavior in AI performance (sometimes it seems they’re either superhuman or super-stupid) - … - … Cheers
  10. Hi, After a crash by hitting a ground building the debris included two detached tails with the tailwheel and the aircraft carcass (fuselage) still had its tail with the tailwheel. So three (3) tails total. Cheers
  11. Dedicated Server Dashboard incorrect Time online reading after 99:59:59 It should read dd:hh:mm:ss Cheers!!!
  12. May I suggest that in the ‘Critical Information’ box you also add the Max an Min Engagement Altitudes? Cheers!!!
  13. Shrimp


    Hi, If I connect, for instance, VPC #3 to VPC #2 and this last to the PC via USB does Windows (and DCS) see the two devices independently or one big new device? Cheers!!!
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