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  1. +1 and same for fixed net brightness control
  2. Is there a binding for the manual nose cone adjustment? I can find the switches for the nose cone CB and auto/manual, but nothing for adjusting it.
  3. I opened this thread in the Military and Aviation section but didn’t get much luck, so I’m trying here too Does anybody know of a Web site where I could find the following information (at least for the aircrafts of DCS): - distance between pilot eyes and front dashboard - actual size of gauges or other panels, like for example MFDs.
  4. Thanks, the 1st document is interesting for the general position of the pilot in the cockpit and relatively to cockpit, stick, etc... However, one part I'm missing is the actual dimensions of the different cockpit gauges or screens. I'd like to display the cockpit 1:1 on my screen. I could find for example the actual sizes of a F-16 MFD or of the F/A-18 DDI, but in general and for all aircrafts of DCS, this info isn't easy to find.
  5. Does anybody know of a Web site where I could find the following information (at least for the aircrafts of DCS): - distance between pilot eyes and front dashboard - actual size of gauges or other panels, like for example MFDs.
  6. 1) The flight you have to follow is made of f-15, is that right? I was coming back to the AJS-37 and I was a bit slow on the startup sequence. For sure, they didn't wait for me. 2) How do you keep up with the f-15s? I have to be almost all the time in afterburner 2 or even 3 to keep up. 3) How do you even remember the different location they tell you? OK, some are easy to recognise (racetrack, town with lake, etc...), but the majority just looks like the same hill and desert.
  7. Is it normal that I don't see any "instant action" mission for the Rafale? Just checking I installed the mod properly.
  8. I get very low fps with the UH-60 mod (usually around 10 and max 40), whereas with all other DCS official or mod planes/helicopters I never get below 60 fps at the same location in Caucasus. I noticed that I can gain about 10-15 fps when I quit a flight and restart it, but it's still very low compared to all the other aircrafts. Are there specific graphical settings to be careful about with this mod? Does it require more RAM, VRAM than others?
  9. using keyboard with "1" works, but joystick bindings don't
  10. thanks @AeriaGloria will retry and carefully my startup flow, especially the electrical panel and the radios
  11. Following the startup procedure from Chuck's guide, I reach the point when I have to cage the vertical gyros. I push on each button several seconds, but nothing happens. The warning lights above the buttons don't turn off.
  12. Are the pitot heat switches usable? When I hover my mouse on top of these switches, I don't get the indication that they're clickable. And, I can't find any binding for them.
  13. Thanks for the fix! I can again edit my bindings.
  14. Same problem here. I tried to make sure my rudders pedals are perfectly centered, I even added a dead zone, but no luck I tried 4 times in a row and no luck so far. I also tried to put the power throttle a little bit higher than idle, and still no luck. Only way I found to get both engines runnings => start them both at the same time...
  15. This weekend I finally made some comparisons between 1440 and 4K. Although I have to lower the visibility range by one notch, reduce the shadows quality and remove all anti aliasing in 4K to keep same fps (>60 over Syria and all other maps), I prefer it much better than 1440. Everything is much crisper in the cockpit, the landscapes looks more detailed too, and I don’t really miss the turned off graphic features. This is of course my personal opinion and others may think differently. So I’ll stick to my current 4K screen and I’ll look for a larger one someday.
  16. Thanks for the feedbacks! How noticeable would the move from 4K to 1440p ultra-wide be? I don't know if somebody already compared both. Of course, I can always try by myself this weekend with my current screen and compare 4K vs 1440p. I remember that between 1080p and 1440p, the difference was huge to my eyes. What about using one 4K projectors and stretching it wide enough? or would at least 2 projectors be needed to achieve a good result?
  17. I currently have a 28 inch 4K display, a PC with 3070 able to drive this screen at 4K at 60 fps with most of the settings set on high and TrackIR. Immersion is fine but it feels like looking at my cockpit through a window. VR is not for me yet. My PC wouldn't be strong enough (CPU) to drive a VR headset, and I'm afraid to be disappointed by the resolution compared to my 4K screen. So, I'm looking into how to improve immersion another way and I was wondering if using three 1440p screens, or large curved screen, would help. Would my 3070 be able to drive this combined resolution? How noticeable would the difference between 1440p and 4K be in that case? Other ideas are welcome too.
  18. You can actually check the details of which buttons and displays work for each panel and how they work here: https://wluc9875.github.io/iUFCExport/
  19. Bindings for the receiver frequency don't do anything. Bindings for the wave channel change both receiver and transmitter frequencies. Binding for the antenna control change transmitter frequencies. Is it supposed to work like this?
  20. Here's a teaser for the next update that is going to become available beginning of March on the App Store. No more a teaser: it was released today. Here are my thoughts for upcoming releases. I don't yet which ones I'll tackle first: - weapon panels - FC3 panels (become clickable through the iPad) - MFD contents (sometimes in the future, but not before I find a way that is efficient and easy to setup for streaming the video of the MFDs) - maps (could actually be the next one, as it's very easy to add, and I've always wanted to follow my path on an actual map, like Google Maps) - other? (it's up to you, users of iUFCExports, to give me suggestions)
  21. Hi Simon, Do you have more details on how I could reproduce this issue? Is it for a specific plane? Thanks At some point probably. It is possible for sure, but I try to find a way that makes it easy for the user, without the need for example to configure iPad as an external screen. For the moment, I will focus more on adding countermeasures panels first, then weapon panels.
  22. I don't see them in the settings. Could they be somewhere else than under the ARC15 group or are they just not implemented yet?
  23. Thanks! I understood the difference between the baro and the radar hold buttons, but I didn't know that for radar hold, you had to be in a hover. How is it actually used? I'm asking because if you're already in a hover, aren't you already keeping your radar alt stable?
  24. This is the context in which I try to activate the altitude hold autopilot: AP channels on: ALL 4 Radio altimeter, Doppler, Vertical gyros 1 & 2 on, Comp system (GREBEN) on vertical speed = 0 or very close to 0 Altimeter and radar altimeter both working properly (I'm at about 300 m radar altitude) When pushing the autopilot altitude hold button, the button moves but doesn't turn on green. How am I missing something? Is it a known issue?
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