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  1. Hi all, I've noticed a problem with CA in version When I switch to isometric view using the insert key and try to move the turret on MBT's (this is all I've tried so far) using the arrow keys, the turret doesn't move (it used to). I can however, move the turret with the mouse in isometric view. Everything works as normal in gunner view (turret moves with arrow keys and mouse) and when I switch to external unit view using F7, just not when switching to isometric view by using the insert key. In the attached track, you can see the turret trying to move and jerking around a little in isometric view and working normally in gunner view. Any assistance would be appreciated. I have also done a slow repair, with no change. CA test track.trk CA Test.miz
  2. I'm seeing exactly the same behaviour from the Lightning II pod as well. It's OK when the image is zoomed out and there is a black border around the image but as soon as you zoom in, the diamond becomes very hard to see, as the green scale image becomes larger and the black border shrinks. As per the OP, this happens regardless of the contrast or brightness setting. Pls let us know if you require more info or screenshots.
  3. Excellent...yep pretty nasty crash alright. Thanks to all that contributed. If it's of any use now, 32G RAM, i7 6700k (stop laughing), MSI NVIDIA RTX2080 Super, Win10 (latest version and current update), DCS is on a 1TB Samsung SSD, Win10 is on a 1TB M2 SSD.
  4. Here it is. The crash is at the end of the log and it also shows some successful loads of the same mission, prior to the crash. The mission is also attached. No mods or edits and I also tried a slow repair. As I said, the crash doesn't always happen and I haven't been able to identify what exact action precedes the crash on my part either. Hopefully the log and mission will shed some light on the subject. Thanks... dcs.log.old FW 190 A-8 Takeoff.miz
  5. My apologies…For some reason I couldn’t find the attach file button at the time of posting. Thanks very much for your input, it is appreciated. Hopefully your information will cast further light on the cause of the crash.
  6. Just recently my Anton has been crashing DCS upon hitting "fly". It doesn't do it all the time and I can't seem to identify exactly what circumstances lead to the crash. Please find the log and mission below...https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/292315-anton-crashes-dcs/?do=findComment&comment=4884921 Possibly something to do with the sound, that seems to be the last thing that happened before the crash. I'd appreciate some assistance or insight into the cause. Thanks...
  7. Hi Chuck, Ive found this on a kit modellers forum. The discussion explains what it could be and the associated hardware. https://rnzaf.proboards.com/post/275572/thread BTW…thanks for all of your work, it is an excellent resource.
  8. There would have been a range of navigation beacons located all over that part of England during WW2, all with different frequencies and Morse idents. Also, each airfield would have been likely to have several navigation beacons in its vicinity at different times. You may actually find it’s easier to just setup your own. If you want the current details for airfields in 2021, the UK AIP can be found at www.caa.co.uk
  9. I’m seeing similar issues with datalink contacts from human players. The AI seem to work OK though. Hopefully it’s as a result of this map being wip.
  10. I suppose it could be as simple as, “when the boss says do it again”, you just gotta go with it…
  11. Hi all, I'm still experiencing this issue running Stable, it happens more often than not using those particular settings. Is anyone seeing the same and can ED please check to see if this remains an open item to repair. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi all, I'm using DCS Stable and have noticed a possible problem with the AGM-84E cruise altitude profile setting. What ever I set the cruise altitude profile to (high, medium or low), after launch, the missile will always try to maintain the original launch altitude for the cruise phase of it flight, rather than the selected high, medium or low profile. I've included a track to show a launch from ~25k ft, with the cruise profile set to medium (15k ft). You will see that the missile attempts to cruise at the original launch altitude, rather than 15k ft as per the profile setting. Is anyone seeing the same behaviour and can this be checked by ED please. Thanks in advance. AGM-84E incorrect cruise altitude.trk
  13. Thanks very much for the reply. It definitely looks as though things have changed in the current OB, as the lights will not come on without triggers in stable. Unfortunately your example missions don't work in stable but I suspect that when I get an update (hopefully soon), all things will work. Thanks again for the work you did to assist me.
  14. Hi all, I recently purchased the WWII Assets pack and for the life of me, I just can't get the searchlights to....well...search. They turn on and turn off with the triggers I've set but they will not search or track. I'm using DCS stable V2.5.6.55960 and I've attached the .miz file I used to test. I'd really appreciate any help with this. Thanks in advance. bbbbbb.miz
  15. Thanks very much, appreciate your reply.
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