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  1. There's already Nevada and Guam (both US territory)?
  2. I'd like the option to use plan my mission with my wingman, instead of setting waypoints and weapons etc in the mission itself. It would be so much more immersive to be able to (with a friend or several) to review the mission target, create the flightplan together, setting WPs (with TOT etc), defining the "com"-plan for the radios, selecting the weapons and fuzing, programming the DTC with a mission specific setup, reading weather reports, learning which runway to use, plan an alternate etc. This would of course go very much in hand with a new ATC that allows packages to taxi and take-off together. These features would add A very big missing gap to DCS COOP and MP experience.
  3. As the title says, setting everything up in the cockpit is getting old, really fast. Would love the option to do this when I'm reviewing my mission briefing, taking notes of coms etc.
  4. I was looking around and couldn't really find what I was looking for. Is it possible to create a new sub category with wishlist subcategory, roadmap and other interesting details? Would be great if we could learn some things about this new, much wanted addition.
  5. I don't like the new IR render either, it's neigh on impossible to find any vehicles with it. Maybe realistic but it's VERY hard finding targets.
  6. Hello, How can I make a mission that engages the player if he crosses a border defined in the mission editor? I like to draw a line with the polygon tool and define a mission boundary of sorts, like a country border and have the red airforce engage if the player crosses into the territory.
  7. The clouds look ok at medium range, up close they lack details and at a distance (out at the horizon) they become thin, blurry and smeared and jitterings. Looks strange. Also, what happened with the rest of the clouds they were to add? Haven't seen anything since last years cloud announcement. Would really like if they completed it.
  8. Do you have a timeframe? Now that pandoras box is open..it's hard not to want the rest..
  9. So the new BFM AI is a good step in the right direction but seems to need more work. It flies very wierd, with jerky nose behavior all of a sudden (watch external tracks) and it also gets stuck in a defensive climbing position, over and over, not utilizing the benefits of the model it's flying. Please see attached tracks. ACE F-16 ACE FA-18 Stuck in vertical defensive.trk ACE MIG29 VS ACE SU27 - no shooting.trk
  10. After asking for a more improved AI for over a decade, I have to say I'm impressed. The only thing I'm lacking is a description from ED what has changed (bvr has been described) but not BFM AI. Can you shed some light on this? Good job on this part of the AI. Now bring on the wingman / package and atc changes!!
  11. Hello ED, Each time when I add music to a mission or audio using triggers, I'm missing the option to adjust the volume of the media I use. Is there anyway you can add a feature that allows me to control the volume? It's always too loud. Regards, b0bl00i
  12. Sorry NineLine, I don't have it anymore. I converted the AI flight to "clients" and added a bunch of stuff since. I just noticed this when debugging my mission But as Bunny Clark said, that's sorta what I was seeing too, but in my case, lead only performed the attack while 2 was just flying along doing nothing.
  13. Well it's doesn't solve the problem really because I can't command other flights afaik.. But thanks for trying.
  14. So I setup a simple mission with a fligh of 2 F-16s equipped with LGBs. Their task was to attack 4 map objects close to each other. What happens is that the lead AI engages each target successfully (albeit very slow and inefficient) but does not instruct its wingman to attack any of the target. As a consequence, the whole engagement takes a very long time, is very inefficient and leaves the wingman of the flight just tagging along, enjoying the view. Please add logic for the AI wingman to effectively share the workload and do what's expected of them. Let me know if you need a track file, but it's an easy setup in the editor.
  15. That's strange!! How come my setup yesterday didn't fly at all good? Last patches was great but now it felt sluggish. Wonder if my throttle max was changed? Old missions not compatible? You see no difference what so ever?
  16. So after latest patch, I notice HUGE decrease in energy retention where I'm not able at all to sustain any high levels of G without my airspeed dropping off very rapidly. This is with almost no fuel and no weapons, just some empy AA pylons. I also notice a slower acceleration rate and sometimes it's not even picking up speed under small G load when diving! Compare this to the Hornet where I was able to sustain 9.4 G around 540 knots for over 20 seconds. I think the last patch broke something. My friend at a coop session yesterday stalled and crashed, that never happened before. Anyone else thinking that a Viper should be this horrible to fly?
  17. Last patch seems to have broken the F-16 FM... it flies like a brick on my computer. Can anyone else confirm? My friend stalled and crashed into the ground on a regular coop sortie.. Energy retention seems to be 0.
  18. Fancy yellow color in the MFDs.. How ?
  19. Would be very nice to have a report from the dev teams about the current status of ongoing work. I think dcs customers would greatly benefit from development updates and progress updates instead of getting the same answer when asking what the status is.
  20. The volume of this seems to change with builds. Wish it was louder.
  21. Latest build I have cloud degradation, turning into thin blurry lines at the horizon. Looks very bad.
  22. Reload the mission, this bug happens from time to time.
  23. Performance is good but I have quite a few ugly cloud, shadow and shallow water artifacts I didn't have before.
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