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  1. I'm getting the same present day, read in another thread it might have something to do with wind speeds and could be a bug. Came here to check and see if it had ever been reported.
  2. Yeah, sadly this was reported a couple of years ago and is still waiting a fix.
  3. In Options/Misc, under the Overlay section, there's a button called Dynamic Radio. What exactly does this do?
  4. Used the Normandy theme for my install ever since it came out, very mellow tune.
  5. Is version 1.01 still the latest available?
  6. I'm guessing you removed the Ejection Seat Safety key mapping for one of the newer ones since it's no longer there? Edit - Disregard, finally found it.
  7. Was just curious if you'd ever come up with a solution for dynamic modex plane numbers for the Tomcat?
  8. I did 1 and a half loads of laundry (2 wash, 1 dry) while waiting for those three to load. They never did. The Mossie one works perfect and loads lickity-split, as does every thing else on my system, as well as the aforementioned three missions before this latest patch.
  9. Spitfire, P-51 and P-47 all cause DCS to not respond as soon as the Spawn Objects part of the loading process starts, forces a hard restart. The Mosquito Free Flight mission works fine. Have not tried any of the German crates. Multiple repairs of the installation change nothing on those three mentioned.
  10. Yes, well done. Makes me look forward even more to this fun crate coming soon.
  11. Wouldn't a Block 1 Super Hornet be feasible? No idea how many made it to the fleet, but there were some delivered. I'm not talking 2-seater, at least not yet. Just the single seater. It's pre-AESA radar and shares many of the same systems with our current C. Sure, I know most would want a version with AESA, but I'd enjoy a Super Hornet for the extended range and time aloft it gives.
  12. As the title asks, what's next...jet aircraft wise from ED? It seems that the jet crew could have time on their hands, so to speak, with the Hornet coming out of EA soon'ish.
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