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  1. Okay not really a "wishlist" item in the sense of something I'm wishing for, but I didn't know where else to put it and it's sort of a wish fulfilled. I just had a dogfight with AI spitfires in which I inflicted some damage on a wing. That spitfire flew on for a while before the weakened wing broke off. I've never seen this happen before with the AI and I thought it was really cool! It's neat to see that the DM is getting progressively more advanced.
  2. Having a hard time finding this info. Chuck's Guide says that 600m is the optimal convergence, but I don't know for sure if that's where the guns do converge.
  3. Asking out of general ignorance on my part. How will we want to approach combat in/against this aircraft.
  4. Hello all! I post this in the Pacific forum because there are more ships in that environment but this also applies to Europe. I'm not sure how difficult it would be to do something like this in the sim, but what if we had some means of temporarily suppressing defensive flak from ships when strafing them with machine guns. I was reading an interesting article today on how this became part of the tactical doctrine of the USAAF in anti-shipping operations in the pacific. https://ospreypublishing.com/blog/B_25_Mitchell_vs_Japanese_Destroyer/ We may not be able to fly the particular aircraft discussed in the article, but we do have planes with 8 .50 cals on them, and it seems like, down the road, it would be fun in MP to have one guy do a flak suppression strafing run to pave the way for a friend to follow up with bombs.
  5. A lot of very good points in this! I recall reading somewhere that by late '44 most german fighter units had abandoned the finger four/schwarme formation because the pilots they were getting didn't have the level of training to actually fly that formation. Contrast that against allied fighter pilots gaining more experience, both institutionally and individually and you get a huge disparity of pilot quality. My guess is that the spitfire was probably about as obsolete as the 109 by the time of the griffons and K4s, but you can accomplish things with high quality fuels and stable production facilities that the Germans couldn't. That's more of a gut feeling though, I have no hard facts. In either case both were intended to be discontinued in favor of the Tempest and D9/Ta-152 pending the introduction of jet aircraft,
  6. Any time I read real world war 2 history, whether from an allied or axis perspective, people seem pretty dismissive of the 109 K4, and I really don't get this. Sure 109s weren't the cutting edge they were in, say, 1941 but the K4 still was plenty fast and well armed. I know the tactics you can use in a game aren't what you'd use in real life, but even sticking to the strict "one pass haul ass" mindset you'd use in actual combat I still find the K4 to be among the best. And yes, late war 109s did get shot down quite a lot, but seemingly to no worse degree than other more widely celebrated German planes. For example, books will absolutely heap praise on the FW-190 D9, which was an admittedly great plane from a technical standpoint, but it's combat record wasn't particularly glamorous. In fact most accounts of late war FWs seem to play out exactly like my flights in them: They make a diving pass on a target, try to get away, can't, they wriggle around a bit, and then get chewed to pieces by the pursuing allied plane. What gives? I think this plane is awesome and I don't get why the history books treat it as an obsolete piece of junk.
  7. Ahhh okay thank you both! I thought it was that you could run AT 2700 but not below it. If it's just the good old engine bug I don't feel quite so bad about blowing the engine
  8. Hmm maybe the oil pressure dropped because the engine had already died by the time I was trying to figure out what was going wrong. As far as I could tell from the dials it was the only thing that was in a danger zone. I think you may be right that I was flying too slowly. I'll have to check my track file, but I know I this happened after a long mission and I was low on fuel, flying 2700rpm to try to economize my fuel. I think I was in the region 300-400kph IAS at about 1000m ASL. At what speed do things get dangerous for the engine?
  9. Unfortunately my experience with that hasn't been so good. A lot of engine failures that way. I could see it being a bug, because if it's set by default to a thermostat temperature of 100C it's definitely not opening when it needs to. I'll admit I'm not an expert when it comes to managing the engine of this plane. I've got 150 hours with it and I'm still degrading the engine without understanding what I did wrong. I just had a 40 minute mission where the engine degraded while the temperature was below 100C. It looked like the oil pressure may have dipped below the safety zone, but I'm not sure what would cause that. I had no damage otherwise.
  10. I'm not sure what the default thermostat temperature is set to, but I know that I have a very hard time keeping the engine temps under 100 C without setting the thermostat to 70°. I've found that I can have the advertised 10 minutes of emergency MW-50 power with the radiators in that configuration, while on their default setting I can get about two-three minutes before overheating the engine. Idk maybe I'm doing something wrong, but for me a little extra drag is a fair tradeoff against leaving lots of engine power on the table when you need it.
  11. Generally I agree, but there are situations where you really need the radiators open, like cooling down the engine in a break in combat. In those situations it'd be nice to have a tactile way of knowing you have the radiators set to open instead of holding down some button hoping you've done it long enough.
  12. Hello all! I have a spare wheel on my HOTAS I think would be great to bind to control of the radiator knob. As far as I'm able to tell you can't do this at the moment. Right now I have this bound to a button so I'm always holding it down because I want the radiator to stay open in certain situations. If at all possible I think it would be great to have an axis binding for this, given that it is wheel shaped control in the real cockpit. Thank you!
  13. Oh man I guess I'm kind of oblivious. Thank you though!
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