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  1. I agree. I have a neuro disorder and a bad shake in my joystick hand. This would be so helpful for me in trying to land.
  2. Thanks! I would sure like to a Airport Light Beacon Mod. Something that can be seen for miles. Something that could be turned on or off would be even better.
  3. I could sure use a powerful airport, Beacon Light. Something that can be seen for miles.
  4. I'm in my 70's and losing cognitive abilities. So, I am not very good at making Mods or Scripting. I am making a few requests: First: I would like to see a Mod for Airport Beacon Lights. Something built high up and that can be seen for many miles. Having it work like a real airport Beacon? I am requesting more sound Mods for generic use. OGG files for Airfield/Airport intercoms. Just some generic stuff. Also, something that can be used on Aircraft Carriers, other ships, or even enemy bases. More ambient radio transmissions. I have downloaded some from the DCS files and I love them. Please, someone make and provide more. How about some civilian broadcasts that can be picked up on the radios? Create them in OGG files please. If I can think of any others, I'll add to this list. If anyone has any other ideas or comments, Post below.
  5. I'm new to the Mission Editor. Here's what I want to do: I want multiple aircraft to launch from a carrier. I want those aircraft to fly out about 20 miles then un-spawn or just plain disappear like they had never existed at all. I have an older computer. I need to conserve what cpu power I do have. I thought having those aircraft un-spawn may help do that. I guess I could just crash them in the ocean.......my cpu cannot support so many aircraft flying around randomly. Suggestions?
  6. I'm dropping back down to FC3 aircraft for mow. Actually, I find myself playing around more in the Mission Editor than flying. If nose wheel options become available, I'll return to the Skyhawk.
  7. I love this aircraft, but after the latest build of 2.0 I am finding it too difficult to handle. I wish there were options for those like myself who need something a little less challenging on the ground and in the air. Even a fly-fishing purist needs to put a worm on the hook sometimes. I am moving on.......
  8. Thanks for the feedback. I really love the aircraft. But I find the latest build to be very difficult for me. It's more of a neurological problem in my hands than age. I have had to give up many things. I gave up with the new ground taxi. I'll give it another try today. I may have to drop down to a FC3 aircraft. Also, the radio volume knob does not work at all. Whether by clicking or using the key command. The knob turns but does not change the volume. It stays at the highest volume. Is there a place to go back to the last previous build?
  9. I have been playing around slowly with the Skyhawk. I decided to set up the radio with a few ogg sound files for radio chatter. It works great! However, the radio volume knob does not appear to be working. I cannot lower the volume. Is it a bug, or am I missing something? Also, I'm somewhat of a disabled old fart. How should I set up my yaw, roll and pitch on my HOTAS to make the aircraft a little more stable in flight? No matter what I do, or what setting I use the aircraft is a little too responsive for my old shacky hands. I am more convince than ever about the ground taxing. Please provide an "option" to use the new steering or not for us old shacky farts. Thanks!
  10. Ships built in the 1960's-1980's For Vietnam, Middle East, and the Falklands?
  11. Try teaching this to a grandchild. Please provide an option in the Specials Menu to use or not to use.
  12. I really like this aircraft. I wish I had spent some time with it before. I play offline, and make my own missions. I am wondering if anyone can recommend any videos or documentation to identify from which direction SAM radar signals are coming from? With the Skyhawk can you fly between operating SAM sites like you can with the F-18 using its SA? What are the Skyhawk SA abilities? I'm not finding much information on that subject. Thanks....
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