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  1. New image showing movement animations of the crew.
  2. Why not? It's a wishlist thread after all, I just say that it could be something interesting to have to operate in the snow.
  3. So, what if, and stay with me here, we got the skis to use in the winter in the caucasus map? I know it's a very little thing in the grand scheme of things and perhaps something absurd, but hey it adds to immersion so might as well give it a chance. Picture for illustrative purposes
  4. So I've recently been looking into videos of Apache in action, I find the amoun of zoom and overall quality of the image pretty amazing, I'd like to know, specially from people with actual experience with it, where would you place it in the NIIRS scale.
  5. Has anything been confirmed about robbie tanks?
  6. Could you share the mission file to practice landings on the America please? And for that matter the mission for the L61 as well.
  7. Looking forward to the Tripoli then, I couldn't stop looking at the US Flag on the America after I saw it flying upside down and looking aft, might want to give it a look, I'm not very picky about this but some of the fellas on the other side of the pond however might find it a bit disrespectful.
  8. I'm able to give it a test now if you'd like Admiral
  9. Got the same results as mirmidor, I think that adjusting it for the harrier is the best thing you can do since it's the module most people will use to launch from the USS America, thanks for your hard work Admiral.
  10. Looks like the planes now sit just a little bit down Admiral, the texture however have become an utter mess
  11. Can't wait to take off with the harrier from it!
  12. Shouldn't planes align with the tram line even for VTOs?
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