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  1. Take into account that the zoom level on the right side, where the new model is shown, is zoomed in more, much more. So the perception is exaggerated. That's why, IMHO, it is best to wait for the patch to land, before complaining.
  2. " STR was untouched. You are simply complaining on something you didn't even test personally, based on a video that has a side by side comparison at different zoom levels, with the new model being more zoomed in, so that the perception is exaggerated.
  3. You know, you don't need to take everything "literally". If you are convinced that the F16 is ok as it is now, go on and keep believing it. But it is not, if you search the forum, it's plenty of posts from the moderators saying the flight model still needed some adjustments, especially on the G onset, and that's what they did. Or, Kindly enlighten us, and show us data about the FM being spot on as it is now.
  4. So today we have an F16 that in certain conditions behaves like a Cessna. Now they fixed it, it is not even out, so none of you have tested it in a multiplayer server, not vs AI, and there are already complaints about it being OP.
  5. The Landing procedure gives you 1500ft AGL, so that is a height you should read from the radar altimeter, not an altitude you calculate from the baro altimeter.
  6. Found TRhem. Go to mission then select f/a18 and there are some mission qualification with supercarrier
  7. Same here, both times in single player. First I was doing some free flight with the SU33, second time on Maple flag BFM F18 mission. First it told me this mission requires activation, then the login from another machine message
  8. I believe that both IFF and D/L have to be on
  9. try to remove update kb4532693, it was the culpript in my case
  10. Check if you have one of these or both installed: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=263566
  11. Good day everyone, I got a bunch of 5 updatess installed this morning. Of these updates KB4532693 was causing a crash at dcs startup and KB4524244 was creating all kind of issues with chrome and file explorer and generally slowing down my machine. So if you have these updates installed try to get rid of them if you face problems
  12. Tdc depress Is not the same as sensor select depress. The latter One Is a new keybind
  13. cannot do that anymore either. The diamond is jumping around like crazy. Maybe it got broken in a past update. As far as I understood, there will be an interactive lesson about bombing relesed today, so maybe it is fixed now.
  14. The F14 CAP in the last Mission is Just for fleet defense, It was expalined in another post. They Will not leave the fleet, but you can bait the migs and make them Follow You to the fleet.
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