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  1. Not to be that guy (I really don't know anything about this), but a Google search turned up this photo of the "Pratt & Whitney R-2800 Double Wasp radial engine in Rudy Frasca's new-build Focke-Wulf FW 190A-9, Werk nummer 980574, N190RF":
  2. Step by step guide to enable FreeTrack in DCS World There seems to be some people having trouble getting FreeTrack to work with DCS World (64bit). Here are a couple of steps I used to make it work for me (your mileage may vary). I attached a version of headtracker.dll created by SamTheEagle (published in this thread) to this post. It also contains a text-file with instructions where I added a part on modifying your Input.lua. Download the required headtracker.dll (a copy of SamTheEagle's version is attached to this post) Put it and headtracker.prefs in ..\DCS World\bin\headtracker\ (create the directory if it does not exist) Edit your ..\DCS World\Scripts\Input.lua on line 27 so the path to headtracker.dll is correct (make sure it points to your installation directory if you used a non-standard path). Make sure to use a proper editor like Notepad++ to make your changes (NOT regular windows Notepad). Good luck! You could probably also use the headtracker.dll from the FaceTrackNoIR-project as well, though I haven't tried this. HeadTracker-By-SamTheEagle.zip
  3. You keep the correct button pressed. I actually think it's the letter "O" in the default configuration (which is funny because it's the last letter in your post ;)).
  4. Is this connected to the Vikhr issue discussed in the DCS World bug thread where missiles come out of the launch tube at a seemingly incorrect angle?
  5. This issue has been observed in this thread also: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=88625 Nice that you did some investigation into the issue!
  6. When I just play around in the game without bothering to connect my X52 (it's in a drawer behind me when not used) I fly a little using keyboard and I have also observed the same thing! After firing for example one Kh-25 missile you obviously need to trim the aircraft, and that is all fine and all. But if I accidentally (or on purpose) activate autopilot or some kind of automatic trimming feature, like level flight trim, I eventually end up unable to pitch the aircraft down using the keyboard controls. The only way out of this is to manually trim the aircraft so that it is in a shallow dive trim configuration and RTB before things gets messy.
  7. I realize that this question pertains to Su25T in DCS World but they way you describe it happening in BS as well indicates that maybe you haven't activated "Ground Moving Target"? I feel that when you don't activate it, Vikhrs fall short. Of course there is no such button available in the Su25T in DCS World, where I'm more inclined to agree with Irregular programming's conclusion. Generally, if you make a small dipping motion with the nose of the airplane just after missile release, it will catch the missile in the laser beam and hopefully guide it to the intended target :). But there are most certainly several parameters to take into account here, such as airspeed at launch and slant angle towards target etc.
  8. I had the same issue in BS2 once. Just delete your configuration file with your joystick mappings in the BS2-folder and the game will recreate a default settings file. Adjust it to your needs and you're good to go! :) Sorry but I can't remember off the top of my head exactly where the configuration file is located. Search the forum, I know there is a post explaining how and why -- because that's how I fixed my problem some months ago! ;)
  9. Maybe someone here might be interested in my own band. We sing in Swedish but that doesn't seem to be a problem for any international blogs that mentions us. Give it a listen ;) DÖDAREN - MAEN http://dodaren.bandcamp.com There are some fan made video recordings of us from shows on youtube but I decided not to post them here, if you want to see them you'll probably find them anyway... Posting about your own band in a music thread on a forum makes you feel like such a self-promotion douche, but wth. Gotta recommend music I like, right :D
  10. As many before me have already said, to improve the viewing angle of cheaper (non-wide) LEDs you can file them down using something like a nail file. I think it is visible in some of my pictures of my FreeTrack cap how I did (there are nice whiteish marks on the cap from my inaccurate filing :) ). http://forums.eagle.ru/album.php?albumid=315 Have a look if you're still looking for help. FreeTrack works great for me! The LEDs I used were some random no-name cheap LEDs from my nearby electronics shop. I've been using that very cap with great success without any issues at all since late 2008! Sturdy construction ;). Probably something like 10-20h gaming with the cap every week for the last 2-2.5 years.
  11. Just to make sure we're talking about the same things here. The latest version is the one linked in post #28, right? http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=1234317&postcount=28
  12. As far as I understand, this freetrack_shared_mem.exe is actually from an earlier version of the implementation and was rendered useless in the latest version of samtheeagle's headtracker implementation. Am I mistaken?
  13. If you look at the number on the far right of the row you highlight with your arrow, you see an estimate of the number of copies of the entire torrent available through all peers (the people you download from). In your case it shows almost 65 complete copies of the entire torrent, the small lines spread out throughout the row indicate relative abundances of different parts of the torrent. The pattern you're seeing is to be considered normal, since not everyone currently downloading have all the files. When the screen shot was taken, you were connected to 61 "seeders", these are people/computers that are sharing the entire torrent. As long as you are connected to at least one seeder the entire torrent is available to you. You should really not worry, being connected to 61 seeders and almost 20 "leechers" just means you are downloading a lot faster than you would be otherwise.
  14. Surely you mean this post lvl4f? http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=1234317&postcount=28
  15. Read about this in the news this morning. Does anyone know anything else, have any more information/pictures/videos etc? I'd love to know what is said in the youtube video I found (probably Polish?) Great work by the pilot(s) handling the situation and great work by emergency personnel taking care of the small fire that breaks out after landing! Everyone was safe! xV2oSpVyAEg edit: Should mention I saw Topol-m's post (http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=1316911&postcount=1041) in the Military and aviation news-thread but thought it could have an entire topic of it's own.
  16. The headtracker.dll released by ED works perfectly with Free-Track and FaceTrackNoIR in 64bit as far as I understand it? What you are describing Boberro sounds like the issue I had with Black Shark which is still running in 32 bit.
  17. Why are you messing with PPJOY? There's no need, check out this thread: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=75917 If you're still not satisfied with Free-Track then by all means go on to TrackIR, not trying to keep it from you ;). I'm just personally very pleased with my Free-Track solution (stable, quick, cheap!) and comparing to experiences from friends' TrackIR I see no benefit in going there.
  18. Great to hear it worked out for you 3instein! I find it strange that it works, since that Lalt+c changes the mouse mode, but I guess if you're in the mode where mouse movement controls head movement, then it might block the headtracking (something I've never had any issues with).
  19. This thread is about samtheeagle's headtracker.dll implementation (i.e. using freetrack in 64 bit DCS Warthog) Have a look in the FaceTrackNoIR-thread to see what settings people are using in FTNoIR. http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=56837
  20. Try running everything as administrator?
  21. I see you problem: You want to reduce Free-Track angular sensitivity when zoomed in in the game. My tip is to increase your smoothing factor in freetrack, but also set up your sensitivity curves in freetrack so that you have a small zone of reduced sensitivity in the area where you need the highest stability.
  22. This is incorrect, have a look in the thread in my signature. (http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=75917) Have a look in the thread again and redo all steps. Maybe run freetrack as admin? I always do so from playing arma 2 but I don't know if it's a requirement for getting it to work with DCS Warthog.
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