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  1. Finally got hold of their support a few hours ago. They explained that their support system had failed and they had lost all incoming requests.
  2. Peachmonkey thank you for pointing me to that thread. 1) I saw that my entry of --force_steam_vr should be --force_steam_VR (caps for the VR) It now loads steamVR successfully. The 4 screens are gone and the picture quality is good again. 2) However it is still unusable given side effects that this caused. The camera view does not seem to center properly, the camera seems now attached to my head as it moves... and the fish-eye distortion is back again big time (it had almost vanished entirely with the experimental distortion feature they introduced in the last version of the Base software). So 1 step forward and 1 step back. I will continue re-reading the thread peachmonkey suggested to see if there are any other clues. Does what I am describing sound familiar to anyone? Update: OK... now Don's solution to swap eyes DOES work after I got the steamVR thing working again and I am back to normal (so much for using the stable version). Thanks for everyone's help as I very much appreciate it. I must admit after having the Aero overheat and brick on me, having their support ignore all my support requests and now having this issue with DCS and am, for the first time, having my concerns about this headset.
  3. OK... I tried using the swap eye tool again. I swapped and saved - it no longer creates a hedy.lua but instead creates a Varjo Aero.lua. I tried with and without this file and it still does not start steamvr and I still get the 4 screens. I will now try some of the other suggestions. Thanks all again
  4. Thanks for all the responses and I am off to try some of these things now. I have tried, as Supmua suggested in his earlier post, to reset the Aero and then turn off OpenVR. Neither of these proved successful (but thank you - all logical things). I am not using the Open XR mod so I will try Don's suggestion next. I am not as technically fluent or as capable as most of you so I am going to try the simpler stuff first. I would just love to get it running in SteamVR again first and then later I can look into the OpenXR stuff (given that I get it working that is).
  5. Thanks for your help Supmua... but nothing seemed to change. I hope it is not something dumb I am doing. I created a new shortcut and in it I set the target to: "C:\Games\DCS World\bin\DCS.exe" --force_steam_vr (I made sure to include a space and then 2 dashes) The game runs but I do not see steamvr load and everything still looks screwed up. I then started steamvr myself before launching DCS but that did nothing either.
  6. On Sunday my Aero gave me a warning message that it was overheating (yikes). I shut it down immediately and left it for many hours. When I tried it later the thing was dead as a doornail. Long story short I contacted support (twice) and they have never acknowledged my support requests and never have gotten back to me. I finally found a note under “Misc” on their site that said the unit must be physically unplugged after this happens. So I did and it now seems to work again… except my DCS is all screwed up (other sims work fine). When I started DCS I noticed that on my 2D monitor there are now 2 images, one on top of the other, with what looks like a fold in the middle of each (I have always just had one image before). The next thing that happened is that when DCS came up the WMR Debug window automatically opened. I shut DCS down and tried it again and the same thing happened. I went into the sim and the picture in the game is not right. It looks like the resolution has dropped substantially and there are blurred horizontal lines running across the screen. I have no idea what is happening. I tried the "Swap Eye" setting in the WMR screen but that did nothing. I should also note that this was the first time I tried DCS after the overheating happened and DCS did do an update to the latest stable version. I do not see anyone else on the forums talking about anything like this so I am assuming this is not a stable DCS update issue but I could be wrong. Anyone have any suggestions as to what to try? I have changed no other settings in the game and when I looked all settings look the same as before. My VR settings in the Varjo Base software are all the same also - nothing has changed. Thanks for any help or advice. Update: it is not 2 screen images I see on the 2D monitor it is 4 (2 top and 2 bottom and they do not look aligned). On closer look this may well be an update issue related to the new stable release (not an overheating Aero side-effect). I note that the application is now making a Varjo Aero.lua in the Saved Games\DCS folder and not a hedi.lua as it used to when I use the WMR Debug tool so something has changed in regards to the Aero.
  7. Don, I originally added the "recovery tool = true" line to the autoexec.cfg so I could use the WMR Debug tool to swap top and bottom. Since then the WMR Debug tool does not show up. Would you mind explaining how I get it to run again so I can "unswap" them? Thanks Update... I saw your comment about deleting hedi.lua on Discord (I have not been using Discord too often) and that took care of the problem. So I have 3.5 running now and turned on the distortion profile. I tried all of my 3 main flight sims and all I can say is the Aero is the gift that keeps on giving. I have been pleased with the Aero since the day I got it and it just keeps getting better. I did have a bit of distortion initially but this took care of that. Life is GOOD!
  8. In todays stable update changelog it noted "VR. Added Free Cam Mode". I can not see any other reference to this (sorry if I have missed it somewhere). Does anyone know what this exactly means? Thanks
  9. I read and watched all the reviews I could and it seemed to make sense for me so I placed my order (3-4 months as dburne noted)
  10. My first head set was the Vive. I got it when it first came out. It was a good headset for the time but it definitely had a very noticeable sweet spot as well as other well known challenges . A few years ago, when the Index was introduced, I was going to get it but it took so long to become available in my country I eventually just ended up buying a Rift S. I now have had my eye on a G2 for quite some time and recently even a Vive Pro 2... but my hesitation in making any purchase has been the sweet spot discussions I keep reading about. With the Rift S, for whatever reason, I have been very thankful that I do not have a sweet spot. I can look anywhere and the image is good which was a huge improvement over the Vive in that regard. I am clearly aware of the resolution and FOV advantages (as well as other things) with newer and better headsets but I keep reading that people have sweet spot issues with G2 and Vive Pro 2 and I am not sure I want to face that again. Did I just get lucky with my Rift S? Maybe the IPD and lens position is just perfect for my head, or is this just one aspect of the Rift S that was better. Are the G2 and Vive Pro 2 sweet spot concerns as valid as they seem to be or am I reading too much into this. Thanks for any input.
  11. Hi Clogger... No, I purposefully do not use open beta releases. I prefer to wait until a version is fully baked before I jump in... so yes, this was the first time I saw the clouds. I use a 3090 and i9-11900, 32 Gb, fast SSD and Rift S. My all around experience with 2.7 has been great in VR in almost all regards, hence my one word description to open this thread. I am not experiencing some of the downsides that others seem to be encountering with clouds, performance etc.
  12. Thanks Supmua... I think I might jump in also then
  13. My first headset was an original Vive with base stations (1.0) and controllers. Does anyone happen to know that if I get the new Vive Pro 2 headset would I still be able to use the original controllers and base stations or would I need to buy newer ones. Thanks
  14. Now THAT is a plane I want to own!
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