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  1. +1 Please address this in the next patch/hotfix, incredible that it hasn't been dealt with already.
  2. Easiest way is go into the airforce script and remark out red air squadrons from starting up at all. But to answer what the above values are, RedRespawnTimerInitialMin and Max are the values used to get squadrons in the air within the first 15 minutes (by default) of the mission start. After that each squadrons scheduler uses RedRespawnTimerMin and Max as it's timer to check whether or not the squadron is alive and to spawn new planes for that squadron if they are not present in the mission (dead/despawned etc). RedFlightLevelMin and Max are the intended flight levels, x1000 meters. So don't set them to 1 or all red planes will do their best to fly at 1000m altitude at all times. So, either set the RedRespawnTimerMin and Max values to something longer, like every hour or two or whatever you want it to be (and maybe make the InitialMin/Max values the same, or remark out some red squadrons from starting up, or a combination of both. That said, I have seen a small group of 6 helo pilots conquer the Mariana's mission, so don't nerf it too much or it will be boring!
  3. No, I don't interfere with the behavior of the SAM sites, but they do have 'alarm state auto' set, so they can switch radars on and off as they please. Perhaps there is an issue with the HTS pod, or you have set it to only show certain radar types or something.
  4. If I start in an Mi-8 that doesn't have weapon pylons, and then rearm and add some rockets etc, the weapons show on the external model but the pylons themselves are invisible. Has anyone else got this issue? Edit: Sorry my mistake, I see this is already reported.
  5. Client slots are set to bases that will not be targeted for capture by red air. Capturing neutral or red airfields will not populate client slots to it (you can rearm/refuel/repair though). To do this, you would need to tie-in ciribob's simple slot block script.
  6. I've already talked about this, there is a known issue with the way unit deaths are switching over to statics. It's something on the ED side and it's been reported. I was hoping it would be addressed in the latest hotfix, but unfortunately the issue is still present.
  7. Must be your lucky day ... Operation Clear Field Escalation updated: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3316256/ 1. Apache's added to helo system and client slots added all over the place 2. Forrestal added 3. Tomahawks added 4. Helo's added to Tbilisi-Lochini 5. Script changes, again too many to list Operation Snowfox Escalation updated: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3313322/ 1. Put the Tactical Commander slot back in and re-enabled pilots can control vehicles (had been removed by accident) Enjoy
  8. Yeah keep me posted, lots of changes to Snowfox. I don't think I broke anything, but anything is possible
  9. Operation Snowfox Escalation updated: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3313322/ 1. Apache slots added to London/Paris FARPS, Al Dhafra and Al Minhad 2. Forrestal added with slots for F-14A/F-14B/FA-18C 3. More mission targets added 4. Spawn timers adjusted for red air patrols/strikes etc 5. Many script changes, too many to list Be aware the abovementioned issue with persistence is still present, hopefully fixed in the next ED hotfix/patch etc. Enjoy.
  10. See here: Issue has been reported already.
  11. I'm going to leave it how it is for now as it turns out the issue has been reported to ED.
  12. Yes Indeed, I realised it wasn't just infantry late last night. I think I have a fix for it but will have to do some more testing with it first.
  13. Yes, there is one in progress but that's a much bigger job due to the extra airfields.
  14. Please disregard, I can see what's been done now.
  15. PSA: There appears to be an issue with Infantry units incorrectly being recorded as static objects when they are killed. This will mean when the mission restarts, persistence will throw an error as it will be unable to find the unit name as a static and remove it from the map (since it's a unit and not a static). It shouldn't cause anything else to fail. I will get fixes out soon. This will affect all of my missions currently.
  16. I wasn't really sure where to put this, but with the latest update I'm seeing some strange things with Infantry units with their on-death events. It seems that if I look at Event.initiator:getCategory() using a script, an infantry unit now registers as being of type static instead of a unit. Is this an intended change?
  17. I use the one I use because I know it works, it's stable ... and I don't need all the other fancy newer stuff.
  18. Sorry you've completely lost me. None of the carriers are dependent on Moose in my missions (at least in the versions that are being worked on currently). What support are you talking about exactly? If you have made modifications to my missions, that is your issue, not mine. If you swap over to the public moose version, I have no idea what might break, I haven't looked at public moose in about 2 years or something like that.
  19. I'm not entirely sure what you are after here, the Forrestal is part of the update that is coming to Snowfox Escalation, along with a bunch of other stuff. I don't think I've made any changes to my moose file for a long time, as it hasn't been necessary for what I'm doing.
  20. Operation Sea Slug Updated For Apaches: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3320444/ Changes: 1. 1x Apache slot added to Andersen AFB, and 1x Apache slot added to LHA-1 Tarawa 2. Apache's have been added into the helo system so you can use them to build things etc. 3. Spawn timers and red attack timers adjusted 4. Hawkeye E-2D disabled as it's not really needed 5. Radio channels for Forrestal based air adjusted to point to E-3A instead of Hawkeye Operation Snowfox Escalation will probably be next. Enjoy.
  21. If you want them to show up as missions, then yes. Otherwise just add in the ground units and persistency will apply to them. The exceptions are trains/oil rigs/gas platforms which behave differently when killed. No it won't remove the name from the list, It's an overall list of what you need to complete each phase. The rest is up to you to work it out. You can see on the F10 map which airfields are blue etc. You can use helo's to take troops to capture airfields. Or you can use helo's to get engineers to construct tanks etc that you can direct using combined arms. Lots of ways to do things.
  22. It sounds like persistence is not set up correctly. Red ground/naval units are not spawned, they are all hand placed in the editor. When persistence is working it will remove the ones that were registered as killed when the mission starts.
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