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  1. Looks amazing!! I would like to test it if you share stl.
  2. Hey mates. When i try to make a kneeboard for apache the app crashes. Does anyone have the same problem?
  3. Hello guyz. I am using MMJOY over 2 year now. I am using prototype board and it is like Frankenstein build. Can anyone help me order from JLPCBC some board like these here?
  4. I think you did not understand what i was meaning. I had problem with it. At 2D it was working great. At VR i could not see it. I was pressing Ctrl+Shift+X and nothing. And somewhere in old post a guy said to use RAlt+Enter. I tryed this and work in VR. I do not leave it open all time just only when i want to write something
  5. At 2D the mod is working. The problem is at VR whne i connect my G2. I can not see the mod. Installed at: C:\Users\Admin\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Scripts i pressed Ralt+Enter and it worked
  6. Good luck mate. Looking good so far
  7. Thanks mates. I see some good improvement in the cockpit
  8. Here are the files: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5230017. Let the printers start!!! I would like to see some videos of the assembly of head and throttle.
  9. A thank you is not enough for this mod. Glad to have this helicopter is DCS and i hope ED hire you to make it an official module. If you deside to make a new mod in the future i hope it will be the Chinook!!!
  10. For me it does not work in VR. Has anyone this problem?
  11. Hello to everyone.Do we have any news about this project??? Recenlty i upgraded my VR headseat to Hp Reverb G2 and i do not see any huge improvment.I have a very good computer but still can not get the quality i want.
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