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  1. I had this crash (uh1_protect.dll) too, flying A-10C campaign.
  2. Are you sure that with EDGE we will have the sea over land and not the opposite as now? That would be great news! :)
  3. The biggest problem in the current DCS terrain engine, is that the ocean has unlimited depth, as it lacks a bottom. Any attempt to simulate sound propagation, would be in the absence of a crucial element.
  4. Excelente trabajo! + Rep! :thumbup:
  5. Change your VHF Freq. to 127.5 before take off. Once you're in the air, you will see your wingman in your ABRIS display. And dont forget, use "Ralt+\" to open the radio menu and send yours orders. Wingman will receive it! :thumbup:
  6. Are you sure that you and your wingman are in the same VHF freq.?
  7. "I"f "I" "R"emember "C"orrectly, is somthing like that! :D
  8. Gracias, Víbora! Excelente trabajo del equipo! Felicitaciones! :thumbup:
  9. E.D.G.E= Eagle Dynamics Game Engine Se utiliza como referencia al nuevo motor gráfico generador de terreno, cuya primera implementación podrá ser vista en el addon de Nevada.
  10. Fíjate en este LINK. Pero fuera una buena idea que vayas pensando en pasarte a un sistema de 64 bits a fin de obtener mejores resultados de rendimiento. Saludos!
  11. vanzant_cl, una pequeña corrección: Escuadrón de Combate Virtual 56 Cóndor. Saludos! :)
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