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  1. Do i have to pay an extra money to have a new A10C even if i already own the old one or i have to pay full price as it is a new module ?:book:
  2. Without a doubt choppers are the best experience you can get in vr specially Huey and MI-8.
  3. I have all dcs modules, but this big bird i'm in love with it more than my girlfriend, so i will pay with big smile.
  4. That sounds great! Thank you for responding.:thumbup:
  5. Is it worth upgrading from a CV1 to a Rift S? what the difference u notice when u play on rift S? I saw a couple of seller on Ebay offering used cable around 180$! that is insane :doh:
  6. I just notice that my cable has twisted internally from regular use. My cable has a break but I tie-wrapped it with a loop in it at the break and it's keeping the signal on. I think i will upgrade to the Oculus Rift S cause Oculus no longer replacing CV1 cables. :(
  7. I have an issue with my rift cv1 occasional black screen. After like 10 minutes of playing the rift without issues the screen will turn off for about a second and it comes back on. When I play and do movement i get black screen and it back on if i change my rotation sometimes stays black. Has anyone run into the same problem?
  8. Hello everyone, i just bought oculus rift c1 and i need some advice for the setting. Tested 3 games il2, war thunder and dcs. My vr works well with il2 and war thunder texture and gauges clear and easy to read, but with dcs looks more blurry. i have i5 8400, gtx1070, 16 ram, 250 ssd. any suggestion ? :book:
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