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  1. Hi guys, I tried at least 12 times to watch my tracks of missions with the apache. Not a SINGLE one of them were showing the event as they happen. Even if I finish the mission successfully, the tracks always end up killing the chopper by hitting a tree or shoot miles always from where I was shooting. The track system seems quite useless to me. Are these guys on youtube always save their clip while playing live, are simply lucky or they work with the clip they can get right and forget about the corrupted one!? Watching track is really disappointing. On my side they are corrupted every time and it seems worst with the Apache than the other units. I do not change the time scale. The only thing I do is to play with the cameras. That's it.
  2. Indeed after using MAIN PWR to start the engine instead, that issue went away. I guess a recent fix from ED changed this since I always did start the engine the old way (with BATT) and I just started to get that warning light recently. Never the less, everything is fine now. Thanks for the help guys.
  3. Hi guys, now that the sky is filled with Hind and Apache pilots, we are in serious need of refreshed infantry units since we are fighting close and personal with them. I remember a clip from wags where he quickly showed a "work in progress" infantry unit. Was there announcements regarding these that I could have missed? The infantry units in the game feel really outdated and out of place. And please, if you do add new ones ... add some civilian units. We would really like to be able to have civilians in our missions that could be transported, saved, protected and so on. That would add a ole new dimension to our missions.
  4. I remember seeing that BAT procedure on the cold start tutorial. God knows which one. But I am alright setting it to MAIN PWR directly instead. I guess it will take care of my issue. Will test it up later on tonight.
  5. I usually set the power switch to BAT while the engine is starting. When the engine is at 65% and idling, then I switch to MAIN PWR. Are you saying to set it directly to MAIN PWR and never use BAT?
  6. Hi guys, since the last BETA (of last week) the ELEC SYS warning light always stays on after I do my cold start procedure. The F-16 does not seem to be affected but I still did not find a way to shut this warning down. I start the engine with no external power (Just the BATT ON switch). I did a lot of search and I saw that it was a common issue in 2020, but all the threads are quite old and did not provide me fixes. Could someone gives me pointers please? I know that I am missing something.
  7. Holy hell I did not know this! I guess I was lucky enough only to have adversaries in my areas of attack! Thanks for the heads up! It could have turned pretty bad!
  8. Yeah I do agree with you. This is why we should have an order "Shoot at will, open target". So George would never do that by himself unless told otherwise. I fell in few situation where I was having dozens of militant firing at us. I think George should be smart enough to start opening fire on targets of opportunity during intense situation if the pilot is super busy trying to get them out of hairy situations with AA guns, machine gunners and missiles flying around. Both case (controlled by the pilot) and free fire (let George choose target) should be available in the late release of the AI. ??? How can this happen since you are the one assigning target? Collateral damage from close enemy being too close?
  9. What you are describing is to give him the permission to fire at will ... but AFTER you gave him a target to shoot at. What I was asking for is for him to choose his own targets.
  10. Let's say you fly over a field where few dozens enemy soldiers are being positioned. We can tell George to use the gun, but is there a way to tell him to fire at will without having to assign the target one at a time. It really slow down combat to always select the target for him.
  11. Yeah I do realize that the head of the gunner will be animated somewhere later on this year. But at this point, I will know where the reference point is, as he will still look forward commonly. Do not get me wrong, I do know that the cpg helmet was not designed to be a CCIP sight LOL. Just wanted to help out since many... like me ... just cannot use the vertical bar system efficiently. By doing this, I am quite efficient now. Wanted to share... My next step is to ask George to stick a WW1 wire cross sight on the top of his helmet Cant wait to see the face of the other officers in the briefing room LOLL
  12. Guys I found a good trick tonight to help those, who liked me, cannot hit a 100 acres oat field with a rocket. https://forum.dcs.world/topic/297705-white-line-rocket-trick-found-an-awesome-way-to-use-rockets-in-ccip-like-the-huey-and-hind/#comment-4936801
  13. Earlier today, I was complaining in another thread how hard it was to use the rockets system with the Apache. That ole chasing of the vertical bar while chasing the target with trackir/target cue was hell to use. But I did found an awesome trick tonight, which will let you use the rocket like we all use it in CCIP mode with planes. The White Line Rocket Trick So here it is: 1. Make sure that your radar altimeter is on. On the MFD, select FLT->SET->RADAR ALTIMETER 2. Set your rocket range to Auto. (Tons of videos on this) 3. Spot the white line on the half cup object in front of you. I think it is the helmet of the gunner but not sure 100%. I am pointing it out on the following screenshot. That white line is straight in the middle of the cockpit, therefore pointing directly where the rocket will hit horizontally. 4. Now place your targeting cue just a bit over it and do not move it. You now have a CCIP point like we all have in airplanes. Forget about the rocket vertical bar, it will usually be close enough if you are flying toward your target. Also it is easy to leave the cue there since there is usually a small dead zone for trackir in that area. 5. Point the chopper so your target will pass thru target cue. Fire when the target is on the cue. Briefly, I am not even looking at the rocket vertical bar anymore. With this trick, I instantly became as precise with my rockets as I am with the Huey and the Hind. Enjoy your new rocket sniper skill. I experimented with different speed and altitude. The following one is a direct hit at 600 feet while flying at 123 knots. I rarely miss now. I thought it was worth sharing ...
  14. Exactly! I do understand what they tried to achieve here, but like you, I found that thing super counter intuitive. But to be honest, I think that the biggest issue is the ole TrackIr thing. TrackIr is not super precise for very small adjustment while looking straight forward. There is a center dead zone thing. I have an Oculus as well. I will try it out in VR to see if it is easier to get.
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