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  1. I'm using the targeting pod but I cant figure out ow to reset the pods after designating. I thought that pressing undesignate would reset the pods view but it doesn't. I'm afraid I'm not clear about the problem.to clarify after designating a target I want to reset the view of pod to face ahead but its stuck where it was. Thankyou.
  2. Yes. and if close the WMR app the icon comes back and when start DCS then start WMR DCS disappears but shows in the task bar as if its open on the other monitor that is disconnected.
  3. I use Samsung odyssey and have 2 monitors. when I want to use my VR set I disconnect my 2nd monitor, as soon as I connect My VR set the DCS icon disappears and con not start it. sorry if it was mentioned before but cant find a solution.
  4. I think i will just pretend that the Pre mode doesn't exist until the f-16 is complete
  5. It has happened more than once as soon i jett my fuel pod should overspeed be a problem ? isn't it a Mach 2 jet?
  6. My engines always shut down mid air i cant figure out why . i have read something about something called nosecone switch but i cant find anything like that.
  7. TGP never been so difficult Iv been using DCS for years iv never been so hopeless learning something like the TGP in the f-16 ..i just cant get anything working right . iv seen so many tutorials but nothing works like in the tutorials. the RDR cursor moves so fast i cant get it on any target. the RDR cursor doesn't doesn't move when the SOI is on the TGP it only move when the SOI is on the HUD. the TMS doesn't work like in tutorials. is it a bug?
  8. I like the F-86 but i cant find a server suitable for it. is there a server suitable for jets like the f-86 and the mig-15?
  9. iv had the harrier since it was released but now i cant get the mavericks to follow laser anymore . is it a bug or i missed an update?
  10. I was trying to set my snap views and i don't know what happened my default view starts in a strange angel and i cant restore my default view.
  11. After updating DCS today my instuments lights are constantly on and i cant turn them off. is just me or its a bug?
  12. I tried to install the smoke mod for the f-18 and SRS client but now i cant enter most of the multiplyer servers. how do i restore my pure client.
  13. Yes thank you TOViper the problim was with rudder calibration. after adding dead zone to my rudder its working fine.
  14. After updating my stable version of DCS the viggen is not flyable i dont know if something changed or if its a bug. it is unstable like the su-27 after turning the FBW off.
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