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  1. Does this pass IC?
  2. Will the CRV-7 rocket pod make an appearance on the Apache?
  3. Is anyone else having difficulty with launching the F-4B from a Carrier? I even used the SuperCarrier and it was struggling to stay airborne after launch. I had full burner, half flaps and raised gear as soon as I cleared the deck and still sank to almost kissing the water, holding it at almost stalling out to get it to climb
  4. You already know what carrier I would like!
  5. Did you remember to switch on the laser?
  6. I did a little testing, and LAR is needed for it to pick up a Burke
  7. The current name is not really a well thought out one, it's misleading at best and somewhat confusing, especially for new players getting to grips with the controls. I suggest it is renamed to something more accurately descriptive to what function it performs. such as 'Stabiliser'.
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