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  1. hmmmm. The bindings are difficult to decipher. May I ask where you find the "default.lua" file? I looked in the Mods/aircraft/Bf109-k4 directory and didn't find it. I'm trying to figure out the bindings for the bomb arming control panel.
  2. Good info and discussion. I understand the data requirements, or should I say I appreciate the requirements, but Microsoft has figured out how to do it on a pretty much seamless world wide basis. It can be downloaded by section as needed. Again, I appreciate the complexity of these endeavors, but there has got to be a way. There is really no reason that the entire European theater, or Middle East, or SE Asia could not be a single map parsed up and loaded as necessary. On another note, I would love to see someone with access to a plotter print out these maps and offer them for sale. I would gladly pay for a few of them to hand on the wall in my virtual flight world. Something 24x24 or 36x36 would be a great reference.
  3. Unrealistic? My God Man, this is a simulator not real life. Your customers are complaining about your product and you take a hard stance on realistic vs unrealistic. I'm guessing if you want realistic you will find ways to implement the processes real life pilots use to deal with such issues. I find it a bit arrogant to brush off so many complaints about lighting brightness, or lack there of, overall. For a premium module, it should work as well as the F18, F16, and others. It simply doesn't. The texturing is so beat up in the cockpit the user can't read the labels. This plane is old but we're assuming it is flying in its prime. It isn't a piece of junk glued together for a 2021 air show. Please fix the lighting. And while you are at it fix the sounds. You can't even hear the engines spool up on start-up and opening the canopy makes zero change to the engine volume. I was on the USS JFK during the late 70's and I can tell you those F14 engines make some noise.
  4. I watched a video of a pair of F18's flying into LAX. Don't recall the mission, just training in Class Bravo airspace I guess. Very stressful for the pilots involved! I can't imagine flying into a major airport like LAX without mode C, VOR, and ILS capability. Hell I can't imagine flying an approach into LAX without a full FMS and autopilot! I don't consider a nondirectional beacon capability as a VOR. To me that is a NDB. Granted you can tune in a VOR signal and get a direction. But, you can't select a radial and get CDI guidance to the VOR station.
  5. In real life is there some reason the US Navy has decided not to put a functional VOR system and ILS landing system in the F18 Hornet. No doubt a lot of training missions are flown over land and to civilian airports, and an ILS system is always nice to have in IMC. Seems that even during war it would be nice to be able to navigate to world wide available VOR stations and land IFR at any commercial airport. I watched a YouTube video of an F18 pilot declaring a fuel emergency in IMC and asking ATC for vectors to the nearest airport. The civilian controller vectored him to intercept the ILS localizer and he had to declare, "unable." The civilian controller did a great job of talking him down the glideslope safely but it would have been so much easier if the Hornet were equipped with a VOR system, an ILS system, and a transponder for that matter. Surely, for a $70 million aircraft another $5000 wouldn't make that much of a difference. They must of had some operational logic in mind when they made that decision. Any, in the know folks out there who might have insight into this decision?
  6. I don't particularly find the mission maps automatically created for the kneeboard helpful while flying modern aircraft. They are horrible resolution and hard to decipher. Is there a way to turn them off in the kneeboard or prevent them from being generated? Second, I understand how to add custom kneeboard info to missions and planes. I have not found a way to add custom kneeboard info to a particular terrain map other than to put it in the install directory, which I prefer not to mess with. Can custom kneeboard info be added at the terrain map level in the saved game directory? If so, what is the file structure for setting this up? I've tried .../Kneeboard/Nevada/image.png, .../Kneeboard/Nevada/Images/image.png, .../terrains/Nevada/Kneeboard/image.png. And several others. All they seem to do is mess up the message data on the autogenerated mission maps.
  7. I'm a bit confused on effective use of what amounts to 4 triggers on the Constellation alpha. We have the flip down 1, partial pull 2, back partial 3, back full 4. I am tempted to ignore 1, 2 and implement 3 and 4 as guns1, guns2. But that would be waste of 2 good buttons. Suggestions on how you are effectively implementing this trigger scheme?
  8. If you are using the physical detents then when you move the throttle beyond the detent you are indeed moving the throttle forward. What needs to be done is reset idle up to that new physical position. This is done by setting a dead zone of say 10% so while moving the throttle past the physical detent the throttle doesn't really increase. You'll have to play with it a little to get it just right.
  9. Is there a max number of joystick buttons that DCS can see? I am configuring a Virpil CM3 throttle and DCS only seems to be able to see up to button 83. Anything over that is not visible in DCS. Seems like an odd number to me so I think there is an issue.
  10. NATOPS F18C manual says ground idle is between 61%-72% N2. Mine sets at 65% with zero throttle and no detents. Sounds like you are on the high end. to me the mil power/afterburner transition is the critical one and that can be easily set with a detent. For me, idle cut off is not a big deal so I just configure a couple buttons for that saving some throttle range.
  11. DDIs seem dimmer to me. Last time I flew I could at least use them in bright daylight. Not so much now.
  12. Thanks for that document. Part of the problem is not enough speed and obviously not enough practice. I wasn't watching speed that closely but it seems I was trying to do them around 300-350K. I will try to follow the document more closely. Thanks again.
  13. Don't know if you were suggesting it is my old post, but it is not. Never the less, thanks for that video. Very cool. You obviously have better command of the Viper than I do. Thanks for the demo. Very nice! During the knife edge, did you depend on rudder at all, didn't seem to be much if any. Again, thanks for posting the video.
  14. I'm trying to fly the Thunderbird's solo routine in the F16 and I am really struggling keeping the nose up during high bank angle maneuvers. I keep losing altitude, gaining altitude, or crashing when performing: Slow rolls 4 or 8 point rolls knife edge pass max rate circles any turn with bank angles greater than 60 degrees. I try using the rudder to keep the nose up but I end up crashing or at best widely off my starting altitude. To keep from hitting the ground in a high speed circle turn I find myself reducing bank angle periodically and nosing back up and then increasing bank angle again. Doesn't look all that smooth or good. Anyone have any suggestions on how to manage the nose angle in high bank or roll maneuvers.
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