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  1. Is not at all. You need to destroy the infantry that's standing on it and it'll blow.
  2. I've finally finished converting the old Georgian Hammer campaign into a UK army air corps version. This is in turn a modification of Eight Ball's AH64 conversion with his permission. I've spend a long time trying to add a bit more life to the airbases and moving the targets to more appropriate positions. The voice overs have all been changed along with fixes to the broken triggers and speeding up the grounds units. No mods are needed however I strongly suggest using the skins and my British voice mod that are all listed on the download page. There are a few bonus missions along with double the missions in each stage to give some more variety. Any issues please message me and I'll try and sort them when I have a chance. Enjoy. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3322540/
  3. That's a shame. Obviously I've never sat in one but surely the real thing has clearer glass. I had a go at reducing it by editing the reflection file but ended up with totally black windows. I'll try to work it out when I get some more time.
  4. I'd agree if the rear pilot's side glass was the same but it's way clearer. I've tried looking into the glass files but can't work out how to change it.
  5. Does anyone know how to fix the glass? It appears to only be the CPG's side windows and top window that are far more cloudy that the others.
  6. I've tried it now and it doesn't change the cloudy glass. You're right the reduced haze is nice though.
  7. I'm also struggling with the glass not being transparent enough in vr in certain situations. Does the 3Dmigoto mod make a difference for the ah64?
  8. Put the downloaded sounds folder in your saved games/dcs folder usually on the c drive.
  9. You can use it with any module you like. It replaces the US accent.
  10. Now we have the Apache I've finally updated my British wingmen mod to work with the current version. Please note this does not change the player voice just the wingmen. I do have the player voice but it sounds odd as your number 2 will have the same voice. I use VAICOM and have the player voice switched off so it doesn't bother me. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3068079/ I also have a female tanker voice that I've been using for a while but I'm not entirely sure who did the original version so I obviously don't have thier permission to upload it.
  11. I tried this today and unfortunately got quite poor results compared to steam vr. I'm at least 10 fps down and frame time in the 30s. I'm using a reverb G1 with an AMD 6800xt and 11700k cpu. Strange how others are getting great performance.
  12. Whenever my wingman joins up on me the 'in position to the left' voice sounds. Problem is it is always the same Eastern European/Russian accent even if I'm in the AH64.
  13. I'm getting some silver/white dots on certain trees that disapear when you get closer. They are very apparent in VR but hard to really see on a screen shot. Any idea what could be causing it?
  14. It would be quite nice if the vr ihadss was similar to the non vr one. Semi transparent monocle and the reflection toned down a lot.
  15. Same here for me. I thought the recent VAICOM update included the Apache.
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