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  1. Well done Clarke and the team for all the hard work. Cant wait to fly in it
  2. 1st day purchase for me, but the trailer video sealed the deal Thanks
  3. What a wonderful module thanks ED, I am looking forward to learning all I can about it. My poor helicopters will be neglected that's for sure
  4. Hi mate, I use the default trimmer option in the special tab. I also trim often and in small increments. I think each person will have a different way of doing things, try a couple of the options see what works best for you. With such a small throw with an X52 over a stick with a long extension you may be best with the centre to trim method
  5. Hello, I have no files and am unable to reproduce this because of time constraints. Hoping between the front and back seats in a SP sandbox mission on Syria I did not switch off petrovich gui and once in the back seat had both AI menu's present together with no way of switching off the front seat one. The back seat one worked ok off and on but the Y shape from the front was constantly on. Swapping seats had no effect.
  6. Hope this will help some folks
  7. Will we get a module for the hind AI or update please
  8. Thanks for this, I can do a conventional landing, stops quicker than a Viggen
  9. Thanks ugra media for the latest update for your Syria map. Cyprus us stunning. Best map in DCS by far, take a pat on the back for outstanding quality
  10. If I make a 2nd iteration I will, it was really a quick checklist to help get started and combined with a rerun of Wags start up video should be a fairly easy flow
  11. As the title says, after release there may well be an updated version. Fingers crossed we are getting the hind today. Just pop this in the kneeboard you will find in your saved games folder
  12. I will PM you when it's released and hopefully we can learn to master it
  13. Hey you crazy kids, I am looking forward so much to the Mossie, after endless runs of the 633 squadron mission in the old IL2 I am stoked to be able to do it with a hi fi module. Look forward to seeing you over France and am glad to see your still posting on here :)
  14. Nice one ED, it looks amazing. I really had no idea. Sure pretty clouds but whats gone on under the hood is phenomenal. Thank you
  15. My G2 arrives on Wednesday and I will be checking your settings out once it's all up and running, I am very excited to see the new visuals after 5 years with the rift. Although the rift runs great on the 3090
  16. Pre ordered, cant wait for another chopper to master
  17. I just got a 34Inch wide screen. Absolutely love it. I even dug out my track IR because DCS looks great in UHD 21:9 Enjoy your choice Mine is the IIyama Red Eagle GB3466 in case your interested. Its 144Hz 3440 x 1440
  18. Hi lurker, hope you're enjoying the card. I find I am hitting voltage ceiling and think I may undeevolt mine. The veiw distance has a big impact for me and in the rift anything more than medium seems unnecessary. Keep tweaking
  19. Yes to get the best out of the card the next upgrade will be newer, bigger CPU. In DCS cores dont matter but for all other applications I think more cores will help drive FPS I think for most people a 3090 might be overkill but for an instant upgrade on a current build especially with a GTX card it will be a good upgrade. Faster memory will help with this too.
  20. So I shopped with my heart instead of my head and went with an Rtx 3090. I am still tweaking things at the moment but I have to say it's not the uplift in performance that I thought I would get over my Gtx 1080. Having said that I can now fly choppers in Syria with 90 fps and very smooth using the rift. It also allows fantastic performance over the Channel map flying the furball missions. It uses over 10Gb of memory in DCS on my settings in vr and I am pleased about that simply because it was one of the reasons I went with this card. My current settings are as follows Super Sampling 1.3 Terrain textures High Textures High Civ traffic low Water high Viz medium Heat blur low Shadows flat only Cockpit res 512 Msaa x2 Grass 1000 Trees 100% Preload 150000 Smoke 3 Gamma 1.8 Anisotropic filter 8x Terrain shadows flat Cockpit illumination on Rain on Running on a 8600k @5Ghz Memory @3000Mhz MSFS2020 looks great on ultra @60fps Any questions please feel free to ask
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