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  1. I am the only to have the feeling that the jet is underperforming when loaded with bombs and jammer pod ? i know it causes drag, but i can’t get past 350 kts in level flight at 25 000 feet. My loadout is 2xAIM-120c, 2xAIM-9x, 2xGBU-38, 1xAGM-88, 2xFuel Bags,TGP,HTS and ALQ-184 long.
  2. Truth is that the only time the F-16 feels right in DCS is when in CAT I. In CAT II it is very slugish and in Landing gain Mode it is even worse. Make sure you have it in CAT I for now until they fix it.
  3. Hahahaha, it is all good mate.
  4. Good, no changes yet so it should still come out today.
  5. Hello, System specs: I5-7300HQ CPU @ 2.50 GHZ GTX1050TI 4GB Memory 64GB 1Tb SSD + 1Tb HDD MAP: Nevada MAP (happens on every MAP) The mission is a custom build one, a flight starting in the air that has for objective to strike a container on a target range. Track File: https://mega.nz/file/JxRxBQzb#ZFaav6JHNAVI7n8r67HbbU3ljSGvWHOsitGm7CTsUB8 Issue: When pressing the first trigger detent in order to fire the laser, the airplane is not responding as well as it normally does. Usually after dropping the bomb i make a left/right turn to offset from the attack axis while watching the time countdown on my TGP, when at 12 seconds i press the first trigger detent and the airplane immediately feels heavy and the roll rate is reduced and like i mentionned earlier it feels very heavy. I cross checked my keyfiles to see if something was wrong in that area, but i couldn't find anything.
  6. This is a really good idea from ED ! Well done.
  7. A damn sexy airplane, I love the ergonomy of the cockpit and the avionics.
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