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  1. Excited for the Falklands terrain. Don't want to seem negative, but I guess I'll be the first to point it out. No news on the F-15E? EDIT: My bad, I now see development has been halted...
  2. Totally agree, hopefully we hear some news from HB on their AI assets soon...
  3. Can I ask why you don't want to see them? For AI, understandable, but why not your own?
  4. So, with today's news, any idea when we might hear a release date?
  5. OP, you are part of the massive problem in the DCS community. Thank you for wasting your time and ours in posting this.
  6. This was not how this feature was working two weeks ago, the fuel dump was disengaging once bingo was hit. I can only imagine this is one of the very many bugs present in the Open Beta.
  7. The LSO seems very trigger happy on the wave-off lights. I'll get "you're on glideslope" initially and then no calls up until in close and then for no reason "wave-off wave-off" In most cases, I've made the conscious decision to ignore him and commit to landing.
  8. Right Alt + Y (I believe) also will remove the lower status bar. Liked the video though, couple of small tweaks and you'll be making killer content in no time. I have a couple of really nitpicky comments as well, please take them as only constructive criticism: - The Salvage crane should be placed at the junkyard behind the island with the front-facing port side of the carrier - Don't use the F/A-18 for catapult shots, the launch bar does not interact/extend - use the F/A-18C Lot 20 for this - For the hand placed carrier personnel use less of the yellow shirts, in the video there are like 25 of them all scattered around, this would not be the case in real life. Mix in the entire rainbow army all across the deck - The plane guard helo should be on the starboard side off the fight deck by 500 feet and stationed at 300 feet ASL, The SH-60 would also be the more correct aircraft to use for this. In the 1980s the SH-3 would be the best aircraft to use for this, but due to the limitations of DCS the CH-53 does look similar enough
  9. There's the LSO Camera, Cameras for the four catapults and the F9 view
  10. This should help: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=275104
  11. Is the J-35 still planned?
  12. Delay the activation of units on the carrier until you get placement that suits your needs.
  13. Nope. Not right now atleast
  14. Very interesting, I was a little surprised that the Intruder wasn't able to recover, engine failure explains that.
  15. Agreed, I'd like to have the random system failures tab, like we have on player aircraft, where we could set failure parameters into certain elements of the carrier.
  16. As Kang said, Late Activation is one way to do this, however, the aircraft will not be visible on the catapult prior to its activation. You could alternatively set the aircraft as uncontrolled. With it set up this way, you would see the Viking parked on the flight deck, however on the Start command, it will be a cold start, resulting in a 60-second startup procedure, taxi, and launch. Approximately 150 seconds from the initial command to airborne.
  17. Are modeled in DCS with Super Carrier? If not, is there any intention to include them in the future?
  18. These views, particularly the hangar deck, are still WIP, I don't imagine they're listed in the bindings. I can check on my end in a few hours if needed.
  19. I agree with most of the posts in this thread. I think it missions where AI presence on the flight deck is high, this is essential for the player to get an idea of what the AI is intending to do. I'd suggest this as an option for the carrier in the mission editor.
  20. Are you placing the "Shooter" or the "Technician"?
  21. As stated in the video comments, you will need to be positioned on an elevator and have a recently landed AI aircraft join you on the elevator to trigger its lowering.
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