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  1. I'm exploring the possibilities within my reach. ive been learning modelling for race sim environments the last few years, and with lidar data explicitly. but here I have modelled wales and the mach loop. just exploring though with a view to demo of required proficiency. but mainly playing with the thought of environments at these scales. so any opinions ? worth pursuing or not ?
  2. Sir? David Braben O.B.E. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-27836293
  3. the Editor came out recently, very extensive. completely undocumented though :).However I have created a new method for scenery creation which is exciting me to no ends.
  4. waiting patiently here, too excited. however kunos twitter poses that its not ready to be released :( and that a promise of release might not happen today. http://www.assettocorsa.net/multiplayer-user-interface-walkthrough/ edit: postponed. no multiplayer tonight. edit. possibly today.
  5. best to do it within a network for the protection and help regards these new fangled copyright matters. shame though, google scared of the liability so everyone suffers. lawyers Pffff !
  6. spot on pman. but it I believe its not wrong to expect something and that is what people want here. fulfilled expectations that were managed by that kickstarter.
  7. Crowd funding demands communication. Because crowd funding demands trust in order to have a happy ending. To not communicate there after is not worthy of trust. And there after the Truth will become apparent. There is nothing to distrust here as of yet imo. Given the history i believe it is fair to say that there is most certainly an element missing. The element of "Care". Care: Serious attention or consideration applied to doing something correctly. I believe merely doing it is not enough in many situations. Especially when there are expectations from multiple areas and given the rather uniquely trusting nature of crowd funding. To Ignore any aspect of this is to not care. being ignorant to it is a whole new ball park which might just be the story here.
  8. I don't know how to respond to that skatezilla, besides already knowing that water is part of the terrain which forms the overall scenery lol. Its not like its directly related. ie what I can see on land is what I see in the reflection, that I could understand completely.
  9. good explanation. regards the lack of terrain texture there is something else going on with it alongside this it is not just that. Also this opaque white effect also occurs within some environmental scenes over waterscape and around the horizon, it is a major fundamental flaw as far as I see it. :(
  10. hi Rudel, thanks. lol "me again" ! And hi blaze, what might you mean there Blaze? I mean what can i do or try. maybe dxt file type possibly? any suggestions are welcomed, please throw them at me haha. lets not forget this bug exists for ED`s products too. not that I would expect them to fix it.(they said no more updates at one time)
  11. thanks crow. its not just the spinner its the whole side of any surface when viewed at a shallow viewing angle. black cant work for the very reasons we see in the shots above m8.but as you know in the model viewer it does work. ive done it on the hawk already in game. what happens is the reflection bleeds into this WHITE OPAQUE effect where it should be shadowed, again, this used to work properly. I was the only one dabbling in the sheer potential of this shader when the 51 came out. I stopped and didn't release anything because of this problem that I could not get anyone to acknowledge. many other 3rd party devs commented too with no response. between the reflection blending and any self shadowing I believe this white effect is the problem. has something gotten reversed somewhere, I cant help thinking or perceiving this as if it was just some black multiply style channel it would appear as it should.i have spent hours on the textures trying to establish if it can be fixed, the green channel which I believe is the gloss channel does help. but as it helps the problem it destroys the potential of using that effect. being the only one really working with it, it appears it is only me that identifies with the fact that it did used to work very well to great effect. as intended. that is why I am passionate about a fix.
  12. yes joey and you have the problem I was speaking off. A perfect demonstration of that the white opaque stuff on the underside, and towards the rear its blending away out of blue relfection and into the opaque effect i speak off. that right there is the problem. which is not visible on blaze,s screenshot, in joeys shot the effect is ugly, it is incorrect. it is not realistic. its not even artistic. This once looked just so nice and worked similarly to the results seen via the model viewer. I am merely attempting to illustrate the problem and get a fix. a solution. For everyone. why I feel I have folks telling me it works fine is beyond my comprehension. anyway that is exactly the problem. HDR enhances it as opposed to using no HDR settings. The fade should fade into a shadow not opaque white! it should also blend into what is any self shadowing. Which is nearly NON EXISTANT btw . if anyone could acknowledge this that would be just great. It gets tiresome being told something works fine when it does not. The point is it DOES work fine when not in game and using the model viewer and it used to work very very well indeed in the game engine itself. It leads me to believe it is truly BROKEN. this shader changed a long long time ago and it has been broken as such since it was changed which was nearing 2 years go. around the v1.2 days of dcs world. why is it the way it is ? I ask because its far from logical and genuinely frustrating. hey guys it is 2014 and nobody can get reflections working correctly ?
  13. so I am experiencing the old problem same as the p51 problems I once spoke of. with that white opaque sheen over it, knocking out the reflections on the shadow area which is now displayed as white.(the opaque thing) yet viewing model via model viewer it appears as I feel it should. can anyone tell me what a black skin may look like with this mirror shader ? where it should fade or blend into a shadowed area its just going opaque white. :( blaze, that works really well. how so ? where yours blends into the shadow it works perfectly well, like it used to long time ago. not so since and still for me.
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