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  1. So I could not find the 'saved games" file to save my life and I ended up doing a full reinstall of Beta, which fixed it, only to discover there is an Eagle Dynamics folder with said file on my C: drive. I installed everything to the D: so I'm not sure how that happened. Thanks for the help.
  2. So I have been using mostly stable and now I want to fly with people that use Beta. I fire up Beta and I can't get a full screen to appear. I am using a 2nd monitor with MFDs. I was able to go into settings and change it to point to that file, but I can't seem to make any other changes. The "OK" button is off screen in the far lower right corner. the only way I can close it is with Task Manager. How can I change these settings? I've tried everything I could think of. Thanks in advance.
  3. Gang, The final Task Force Challenger mission is kicking my butt. I can't seem to get it right. When I arrive at WP3 there is a ton of work to do, SAMs, AAA and 4 -29s. I'm ladened with bombs and not very nimble. I get the best results by flying towards my ground targets at about 500 kphs, 100 ft altitude with my radar on silent. I make sure the SEAD strikes arrive before I do. About 9 miles out I order my wingman to attack ground targets, 8 miles out I turn my radar back on and do a steep climb (they are going to see me anyway no reason to be quite now). This gives me enough time to line up the Hinds and Hangers. I complete my bomb run, switch to AA mode and try to kill the Migs. The bomb run takes less then 20 seconds and I dump a ton of DDS. I dont think the air defenses have time to get a good shot at me. Typically I can hit 2-3 ground targets, Wingman can't hit enough to complete the mission. I drop all 4 bombs on the one run so I am more nimble for the MiGs. My mission objectives are the ground targets not the Fulcrums so I think the bomb run is my priority, if i get enough hits we can run home. However as I climb the Migs are right in front of me about 10 miles out. I'd love to engage them, but I have those heavy bombs slowing me down. The 4 Migs end up killing me almost every time. Flying in high just gets me killed by SAMs, I can't get the MiGs to leave the target area. What should I be doing?
  4. Found it thanks. They need to put that in those videos. I wouldn't have thought to look there.
  5. I don't see anywhere explains how this is done. Seperate RIO commands? Nothing visible when I attempt to view the commands. Nothing is mentioned in any of the videos I've seen on Youtube. Additionally I dont see anything in the manual. Can anyone push me in the right direction?
  6. When I move to the back seat my bindings for looking around the aircraft don't work. Is there a trick? I have to use the down arrows to see the radar
  7. Thanks. First thing I did iwth the new file is name it 'F14Default". Now I know what to look for.
  8. Anyone? I have zero bound controls right now. I deleted the game and did a reinstall. Somehow (I'm guessing a registry setting) it still looking at the bad file. i have no idea where the original file is located, or what it is named. I uninstalled and doing a second reinstall now. Any help would be great.
  9. Long story short i was screwing around with the bindings, I did a save with the name "test F-14". Somehow I unbound my throttle from the TM1600 hotas. Where is the default file located?
  10. I had the same problem on the Sidewinder training mission. He says there is a plane at 12 O'clock but I can't see it. I had Jester activate close in radar and I had a contact 11 miles out directly ahead. Sudden he losses this contact, tells me bandit is at 3 O'clock, then 9 O'clock. I can't see anyone, nothing on the radar (Jester says he can't do the function). Labels are on.
  11. I don't see anything showing the F-14 is available. I never got an email from SendOwl (and didn't think I had to check a website for instructions until today), and I have no codes. Order #694368 I did not have these issues with other modules i purchased but I didn't preorder them either. How do I get into the cockpit from here?
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