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  1. 有个问题最近不是说会出各种组合包么 怎么翻遍了商城都没找到?
  2. MP不行好歹出个SP版本啊
  3. thx my friend must be very disappointing if they made a german Typhoon first haha his type is UK typhoon
  4. hi Licensed Third Party Projects very glad you joined DCS can I ask which type Typhoon we have? my friend very like Typhoon because it have IRST can attack in silence but in new screenshots we don`t find it so can you tell us which technology model we will have ? Tranche1 block5 earlier or later
  5. new patch(28841) when use AIM54 shoot will let game crash anyone have same problem?
  6. well F-14D is a dream not sure she will come so can we have a DFCS option? and some questions 1. when RIO find some enemy I can let he use PD-STT to lock enemy but when I give him TWS lock order he will say unable why? 2. any one stuck in Persian Gulf last 2 task? 3.any one know when campaign come out? AJS-37 Lighting effects will fix?
  7. AJS机腹有一个警灯式的防撞灯,看以前的玩家视频 是有光特效的。类似休伊和ka50那种 现在没有了 是bug么
  8. I tried but AI always fly away because system auto delete that task can u po a PrtScr or something for me show me how to give AI a task of nothing and keep AI don`t move? thank you
  9. anyone know hot to add a TCN for a AF I play a PVE server and I find the host let some AF have TCN like SUK TCN is 20YAA so I want know anyone know how they made this? thx
  10. trk 拆了 看不出来有啥特别的 那个服务器 这些机场都有一架AI的雄猫停在地上 但是我在编辑器里看 F-14并不能设置成塔康啊 版主可以帮忙看看么 Through_The_Inferno_CCS_v68u_westIP-20190210-155920.trk
  11. 最近一直在玩一个PVE服务器 发现 服务器的clan 把古达乌塔 苏乎米 这些没有塔康的机场 通过某种方式可以进行塔康定位 用的是A/A的TCN 比如 苏乎米 TCN 20Y A/A 有谁知道是怎么做到的么 PS 这个月能等到大猫么
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