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  1. it overwrote a sys file. the windows version requires a button press on the device but the pedals dont have a button
  2. recently my ch pedals have been off canter and I was able to recenter them with the ch software. that broke windows so I'm looking for an alternative. the built in joy.cpl wont calibrate them since they don't have a button on them. any ideas? thanks
  3. could we get an option to output low frequencies to a separate audio device (for subwoofers/tactile transducers)? or even better if we could get something like simshaker for aviators. Thanks!
  4. Could we get another channel in the audio settings that has everything but the voices (crew chief, jester, atc, etc.) This would be useful for bass shakers so you could have a main audio channel for headphones and a "bass" channel for tactile transducers or subwoofers. Thanks
  5. Can we get a way to bookmark servers that you have to connect to ip for, and scince they don't have a name maybe make it so we can give it a custom name. This would be really useful for me and a lot of other people I believe
  6. I have the old disc version of DCS: black shark. How would I set up VR with that? It has axis controls for shifting the head in 6DoF and axis for looking around so how would I set that up? I don't want to have to buy BS2 because I'm already getting the harrier in this sale and I don't want to have to wait until the next sale to mess with the KA-50 in VR. any ideas? P.S. I have a rift CV1 if that makes a difference.
  7. which fc3 aircraft are carrier capable and do they use the sled for launching? I'm buying an fc3 aircraft for my friend and he wants carrier ops
  8. having the same problem. complete dcs crash when activating autothrottle
  9. How do you create a log? I don't have any mods
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