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  1. CCIP works the same. Iirc all planes/ fire solution computers works this way.
  2. Rescue

    MK.83 AIR

    With Mk84-Air on the list for the F-16, a Mk83-Air for the Hornet would be nice. +1
  3. Anything planned about HSI Slew? I see a lot of "secondary" stuff in the wishlist and wondering about stuff like this what seems to be more important (imo of course) Greetings
  4. Hey, any Updates when the TA (Terrain Avoidance) mode is coming to us? Is it still considered? Greetings
  5. Oh. I also might add that the Countermeasures could use some optimisation. After AAR Spawn i had 60 Chaff and only 20 Flares. We could turn up the flare to 60 too. Greetings
  6. Hallo there! First: I like this campaign and your work, Thanks. The first SP experience in DCS. And now the hard stuff: I played Mission 3 (Again, because i had to jump out after the AAR on my first run). I spawned on the carrier and choose the option to Spawn after the AAR. After Contact with Browser, i have done the show of Force. Smoke destroyed the Truck. The Insurgent Compound was destroyed by me. But after the following SoF and the Manpad engagement, the jeep (that we have to destroy now with gun) doesn't Spawn. At least i didn't saw him. That's why I told Smoke to get him. After some time wondering that nothing happens (and i still don't see something moving beside a bus) i looked on the Map and smoke was already on its way RTB. I now told him, i will take over. Smoke returns. After some searching i found a vehicle where the Manpad was launched but this was a Humvee. I engaged it and run out of ammo before destroying it. A GBU-12 (i know this wasn't part of the task, but i already thought something is broken) doesn't do any damage. I aborted the mission and saw the last targets name was "Browser Vehicle". I wonder if the spawn is corrupted. It's spawning the wrong unit or - if i got the wrong vehicle - it's spawning no unit at all. Thanks for looking into it. Greetings
  7. Sweet reminder. I would like to have this one too. Although i don't have the knowledge if this was ever used on the F/A-18 or just tested. There are reports of usage on A-6s. Greetings
  8. That's weird. The AGM-84 family shouldn't climb at all. The altitude your set prior launch, sets the maximum altitude. If your setting is higher as your launch altitude, it would even stay on its altitude. If it's lower it will decend to your setting. Can you reproduce it? Have you a track file?
  9. If your engines got hit, they no longer produce energy via the generators. This will result in a offline jet. With battery only you have just a limited systems supported (just think about your start up after the battery turned on). Check NATOPS "Both Generators inoperative" to get a oversight. You can land the Hornet with one engine but the loss of both engines is literally a full loss of the jet. Because it's FBW it's not very controllable without power. With Battery still operational, start APU, try to restart a engine. (...) If an engine cannot be restarted or a suitable landing site is not available, eject.(...) (Natops "Forced Landing"). With combat damage involved it's likely that you end up with the eject part. 1. Limited Damage model that easily result in both engines dead 2. No Engines = No power. Restart or eject. Greetings
  10. There is still a lot to do on the Hornet. I rather would like to see the Hornet another year in EA, than releasing it as "done" with still missing features. AI wingman is one thing to name only one thing. ED will provide further support and will work on it even after EA though. But to name it "done" with missing parts and a wingman that can not be controlled seems like a wrong path. Greetings
  11. Rescue

    Rocket Mode

    +1 Yes, please! I was about to request this too. Or a setting in the rearming menu would be okay imo.
  12. Quote from the Hornet mini updates i suggested on page 1: "Also, we have had to move the Mk-77 to the post-Early Access release list for weapons. Not only will the Mk-77 require a new object and napalm effect, but an all new warhead type needs to be created (quite different than HE and pen-aid warheads) and all units and objects will need to be updated to account for this all, new weapon type. As you might imagine, it's going to be a lot of work to support this."
  13. The Hornet Updates (first Page) somewhere, there is a article about the MK77. In short: Because of many things that have to be coded from scratch the Mk77 is delayed to "post Early Access". Iirc both mine types (destructor and quickstrike) got cancelled. Greetings
  14. I don't know if i get your problem right, but are you aware that the SLAM doesn't climb? If you set FLT to high (what's 25k ft iirc) but you launch at 18k ft, the SLAM will hold it's altitude and does the rest as normal. If you launch at 18k ft but set FLT to MED (what's 15k ft iirc) the SLAM will descent to 15k ft and keep it's altitude. Last Phase seems okay I think. Greetings
  15. I totally support the wish for a Auto-Tank feature that can be enable/ disabled in the options and also can be forced to be disabled by server. While I can now AAR, i absolutely understand that some people can't invest their playtime into it or want to get frustrated after work (Overall it's a game and you want to relax somehow). An Auto-Tank option would open up accessibility for noobs and some advanced players that can't AAR in multiplayer server or on multiplayer squadron missions. Infinite Fuel is not really a option for multiplayer. Greetings
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