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  1. The Voice attack info panel shows the mission information every other time when I push to talk, is that normal? My understanding is that the info should only appear when the mission start. I have tried reinstall the voice attack or Vaicom pro, but same thing happens. Also I cannot install the chatter pack, other wise, the voice attack will listening suspended at the time it shows such information.
  2. I find there are two problems now, first is select command doesnot work for select a ATC name or select AWS, .etc. My setting is correct and "select turns radio" checked. and the I tried both dial with OPER or MAN. Also, Another problem is when I push to talk, it wil automatically listening suspended, evey other time, and on the voice attck panel it shows some message such as "Nearest ATC .....".
  3. Did you change your windows system language? I find change system language other than English cause this problem.
  4. I only see ['picture'] = {[1] = '', }, so I edit it to ['--picture'] = {[1] = '', } It seems I can loading the mission now. Thanks!
  5. Here is the mission, every Scud strike mission in Crisis in PG has this problem. THe second page of brifing img showing Missing Texture, and the loading bar will not show up in loading screen. Crisis in PG-Hornet-CVN_ongoing.miz
  6. Oh, thanks a lot. by the way when I playing crisis of PG, when I choose the strike mission of "scud" I alway stuck on loading screen, without the loading bar, then I need to force quit and skip that mission. All other missions works fine.
  7. Hi CEF, for the mission, do you recommend using the default load? There are some strike mission for hornet woth bombs of mk82, which need ccip, but when I try to dive and bomb the target, there are so many sam 8 attack me, and also it is very easy to loose the ai wing man there.
  8. Great Job, really enjoy in SP. I have a quick question about MP, when I create a server on my local PC in DCS, and select the DCE mission generated and start, is there any way I can finish (submit the mission, and generate the next one) without I leave my server? Since the cmd window only pops up when I quit the mission, but if I hold a sever, when quit the mission, will makes me leave my server, then I need to create the server again and my friend need to connect to my server again. Thanks
  9. After a gun fight, and return to like Aim-120, the radar of F/A-18C inverted the horizontal and vertical axis. So what you will see is the now the arrow for radar elevation is moving up and down, and it's range can be control by the the degree setting on DDI like 40°, 60°... And the vertical line moves now as how the radar elevation arrow usually did, If the setting is 1B1, then it is stable and if the setting is 2B1 and 2B2, it will jump between 2 position. I have attached a video for that, this happens at any map, and always after a gun fight kill, and switch back to BVR. DCS_bug1.mp4
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