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  1. Getting two friends into DCS VR. Building them systems similar to mine will be about $1000 or does anyone know of a prebuilt that might be similar? Thx! here's specs: MB: Gigabyte z370 HD3 or MSI z390 or similar CPU: i5-8500 3.00mhz power: 600w Thermaltake MEM: 32G ddr4 2666mhz VID: GTX 1080 Ti SSD: 480GB SATA III
  2. Getting two friends into DCS VR. I have a Lenovo Explorer and love it, but one friend will need a headset where you can physically adjust the lenses for pupil distance (big head). Any recommendations?
  3. ******fixed it. was choosing and trying to program in mode 3, editor was programming in mode 1 i can program key strokes in the software but when I test it (with the little white cog in the program) the buttons don't function. I've saved the profile, reloaded it, hit the blue target button to load it into the stick and throttle, i've un and re installed drivers and software, rebooted, etc. keys won't program. And programming the buttons worked recently, just all of a sudden, nothing.
  4. Profiles that you guys have made and work well, thx!
  5. I found a thread for how to move the seat up down and in the cockpit forward and backward with the num pad keys. but I cant find the settings in the controls area to change them to something simple. which commands are they in the menu?
  6. What joystick-throttle are you happy with in DCS that's not a $400 setup? None of my good old stuff works anymore, suncom f-15e and flcs tqs :^( would love if it did! It was great back in the day. I have a Rhino setup on the way. What else works well and has lots of buttons? And I have seen the articles on USB conversion for suncom and thrustmaster stuff and the guy in france that sells the tqs plug-in USB. I may tackle that another day, but it's too big a project for now.
  7. Yes and Thank You! I just flew an A-10 over my house near Rainbow and Lake Mead Blvds and off into the Nellis range, so everything is working fine!
  8. Thanks guys. That's exactly what I had going and working, but then I read threads like "should I use dcs steam or dcs standalone" and everybody is answering "use standalone! avoid steam!" but it's sounding like for vr steam is the only answer. I just jumped in yesterday and bought fc3 and nevada map on the dcs website and bought the "doesn't work with steam" versions, so I guess I screwed myself out of $50.
  9. I have the Lenovo Explorer wmr headset When I run dcs, it doesn't run in the headset I have gone to options and vr enabled is checked off I had dcs steam installed and anytime I opened dcs it would open in steam (and the headset worked) I don't want that so I uninstalled steam itself now dcs will run, but not in vr help!
  10. Oh, also, real quick. Do I have a chance in Hell of getting my old Suncom F-15E setup or Thrustmaster FLCS TQS to work effectively? If not I'll sell them on ebay and get the Saitek Rhino setup. Thx.
  11. Excellent advice from all of you! That's the most informative and helpful thread I've seen in any forum I've been in since the 'newsgroups' days. I will definitely be uninstalling my steam version (I have not bought any planes or modules yet) and reinstalling regular dcs, I did notice the sale on some jets, like $5 and $7 bucks, but some jets come with some modules or packs so I should look at that if I want a particular jet, yes? I downloaded orig. DCS first and couldn't figure out how to get into VR, then I downloaded steam and got right into it's VR, but that was just to get in and get a look so I'll get rid of it. Thanks again, I will have more questions in the coming months and will scour the forum. I used to play all the Janes sims from the mid 90's to 2000. When I moved to Vegas and got my first high speed internet in 2000 I built up two dedicated pc's and suncom f-15e setups and my friend and I played Jane's USAF every day. I started goofing around with Falcon 4.0 and Lock On but lost interest as the gaming world moved away from flight sims. Have literally been waiting until VR was a thing so I could get excited about sim'ing again. Also, check me and my club out at rfsm.net and we're on facebook. Plastic model building and Nellis afb photography. THANKS MILLIONS AGAIN GUYS!
  12. Got the new system working. Got VR working. I don't want to jump in and buy absolutely every product out there, what's a good start? Some products say steam incompatible, do I have two versions of DCS to worry about? Definitely want to get into anything Nellis and Nevada as I'm from Las Vegas and visit the base frequently. Thanks, guys!
  13. I've built a system that works and got the Lenovo Explorer. I'm sure I'll have many questions. My first two: I downloaded DCS then I downloaded steamvr and DCS again thru steam. Was this necessary? Do I have two DCS's on my computer now or are they the same thing? Also, does anyone out there use either the old suncom F-15E system or thrustmaster FLCS TQS? I have both in the garage or will I need a newer system to really get into DCS? Thanks, guys! VR has been a dream of mine since playing Janes back in the mid 90's. We've gone from 17" monitors to 50" flat screens to head tracking to true VR, I'm very excited!
  14. Money's tight so how does any of this look: intel i5 7600 4.1 ghz msi b360 mobo evga gtx 1060 maybe a low brand 1070 if I find a bargain patriot ddr4 2133 mhz 32g mem these items I can get for about $584 right now. Maybe better cyber monday I know about Rift, but am seriously looking at Lenovo Explorer and Samsung Odyssey I know this is bare minimum, even maybe below, but is it workable? Thanks guys!
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