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  1. Not like we will know how real this team represents the EF to begin with. Only when and if we get our hands on original declassified documents to compare with will we know. Since we will pretty much not have any real data for long time, I am happy enough we have Actual pilot SME trying to give us the experience which they had already experienced themselves. A full functional cockpit is also a major plus. For me, simulation is not all about the flight profile but also system employment.
  2. There have been quite a lot of improvements recently. I personally love all the quality of life things they have added over time. Definitely best to check change log.
  3. I am curious for Su-30MKK. Would DEKA need permission only from China or Russia as well to develop it in DCS? Would be nice to see this one with multi crew support.
  4. Give it up mate, you got nothing. Just blabbering at this point. Take some time off the internet. See how the real world works. Come back when you have something intellectual to say. Maybe talk to someone in real life. Such a childish immature behaviour. Especially on the sub-forum of my favourite jet. Pitiful really.
  5. Sure, I will come up with an original comeback when I see an original Chinese aircraft design. Feels bad to see other people copy your work and present it on your face doesn't it? I can tell how upset you are with the amount of laughing emotes you add and come back to edit your posts. I like Chinese aircrafts. Some Chinese aircrafts. What I do not like is how you try to censor all debates about the legitimacy of their functions. I am open for discussion if you have anything specific to present. So far it is just generic petty insults and biased performance hype. Nobody is stopping you from sharing the news and hype but when doing it in open public platform, prepare to discuss it because people will bring up the hard facts. Talk to me about the new Chinese jets and I will be glad to share which ones I like. Present me with a list of old copied jets, and I will share my opinion on them. I frankly care now how much that will bother you. We here are aircraft enthusiasts and enjoy learning about the aircrafts. I would love to see a jet from China to rival Mirage, F-16 and Hornet. One of my main reason why I said that J-8F does not offer that interesting loadout. Not sure why I am trying to explain myself here again. You are just here to insult people who do not like even one Chinese jet for their personal taste. I have followed the JF-17 development and I use it as my main fighter in DCS. I have even defended it and its weapons back in the day.
  6. I have never seen someone being so smug about being so wrong. Living in your own mind I guess. :)
  7. Ah nice more posters and manufacturer bias little pamphlets. This is exactly why even JF-17 is in a rough spot. If DEKA does make it, I hope it is a realistic jet and not one presented in sales posters.
  8. I appreciate you taking the time to visit my old comments. The original thread where you took my comment out of is full of ancient soviet looking jets. Regarding your second comment, I was talking about J-8 not J-8F. To be honest J-8 series has soviet inspired design all over it. You are trying too hard to ignore the facts by making excuses and giving out insults. Nobody here has anything against China but this seems to be the main defence you use in your arguements. It is easy to identify your patriotic bias at this point.
  9. So anyway, while ignoring the obvious troll, J-15 can potentially be ported over as a FC3 Su-33 with different cockpit. DEKA already did something similar with Su-27. I personally would like to see a proper Chinese made aircraft as full fidelity instad of a copied and modified russian jet. Most of those are currently in active service anyway.
  10. Unlike your ignorant obesevation, I have mentioned many times which aircrafts I like from China. Despite your rants and insults, quite a few of these jet designs are copeid from other countries. That is a fact. But please, keep ranting how different and superior Chinese versions are internally. Anyone who questions that claim now has sinophobia. What a joke.
  11. Yet another copycat fighter. Deka please make something that is unique to China. I look forward to your next project.
  12. It is yet another trainer and I won’t buy it. Like many other trainers, it will not be sold that well if introduced. Especially with lacking long range support capabilities. Good to know something like this exists though.
  13. Terrorban


    Oh wow, They are so similar, it is easy to get confused between the two.
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