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  1. Hi This youtube link may help you, it worked for me moving a m.2 drive with a oem windows to a new motherboard and new cpu. How to Move a Hard Drive With Windows 10 Installed to A New PC (With new Hardware) 2017 - YouTube If it makes you go and do a new account go through the process of deleting it and you should be on your original. you do this at your own risk.
  2. Anybody Know were the user files are ie skins ect?
  3. No problem glad i could help you guys out :thumbup:
  4. Hi 30mikemike this was my fix nothing to do with the official patch.
  5. Hi guys I too have had this very annoying canopy and hud tint problem in the F-16! I have a simple fix that has worked for me I have tested on 3 maps and have no more problems. If you want to try Navigate to your main dcs folder/mods/aircraft/F 16c/cockpit/Textures, unzip and look for the file f16c_glass_canopy_refl_RoughMet, it will be close to the bottom make sure you have the correct file and just remove the file and save somewhere else. Don’t forget to backup! This will need to be carried out again with future update paches until ED fixes it. Ps I told Bobstar the OP here and it worked for him too.
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