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  1. wowbagger's post in Can I remove the info/status bar at the bottom of the external views? was marked as the answer   
    Yes, I made a mod to do that because it annoyed me as well.
    Just make a blank file called StatusBarDialog.lua and put it in DCS/Scripts/UI, overwriting the original (at your own risk). This will remove it entirely - not just turn it off by default. So if you want to be able to turn it on and off, don't do this.
    Obviously, it will get replaced with the original during each update so use OVGME as with any other mod.
    There's a probably a far more eloquent solution to this, but this was my quick and dirty answer to the distracting status bar.
  2. wowbagger's post in Is it possible to disable or specify a specific joystick input on the observer sight? was marked as the answer   
    The sight has a separate controls scheme from the Mi-24 itself. If you look under controls you will see one for the Mi-24, one for the sight, and one for the AI. Select the control scheme for the sight and see what is bound under the axis settings. 
  3. wowbagger's post in Cant get the trimmer to do anything was marked as the answer   
    Ya, that's a tough one. Can you try clearing the trimmer button and trimmer-reset bindings and then binding them to different keys and different buttons to see if there is a conflict with something else, in the UI layer maybe?
  4. wowbagger's post in Petrovich: W/A/S/D cannot be bound to HOTAS? (wishlist? am i missing something?) was marked as the answer   
    You are probably missing the correct controls section.

  5. wowbagger's post in Problems with Pedals? (Slow response) was marked as the answer   
    Yes, I think you may be over thinking this.
    The pedals always behave as if they have inertia. Moving your controller pedals quickly from stop to stop will show the in game pedals moving much more slowly, trying to keep up with your inputs.
    However if you make small, considered movements on your controller, as you would when flying, the in game pedals mirror your movements.
    Secondly, you are correct. The YAW AP channel will, when enabled, adjust the anti-torque automatically to compensate for changes in torque demanded by the collective - and hence move your pedals without you doing so physically.
    - Open the mission and set the Hind somewhere - take off hot from ground. Try moving your own pedals stop to stop and watch the in game pedals. Then try moving the pedals in slow, incremental movements and see how the in game ones behave.
    - Then, with the YAW AP channel active (green light on) try a hover check without touching your own pedals, but increasing the collective very slowly and gradually, giving the YAW AP channel time to adjust. Watch what happens to your pedals.
    Next disable the YAW AP channel and try the same thing .... then hit restart or end mission. 🔥😆
  6. wowbagger's post in Map Scale ("blackscreen") was marked as the answer   
    The magnified versions of the map for some of the terrains are still "work in progress" and will be added in future updates.
  7. wowbagger's post in I can not launch ATGM from store 5-8 was marked as the answer   
    The only way to get MG pods + ATGM on 5-8 is with a custom loadout, I think. The DCS Hind doesn't support that now, it will mess up the weapons systems, and the real Hind also has such limitations it seems.
  8. wowbagger's post in multi axis aiming station slewing was marked as the answer   
    Can you check your controls and post a screenshot of this please:

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