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  1. Ok i see 67gb for me .... and bed time.. Mine is D/L at 2.8mb a sec LOL
  2. If it drops what would be the time in GMT
  3. What a great interview sounds as DCS is in for some very nice bits n pieces this year.. and great to that CA is going to get alittle polishing..
  4. Well there has been a problem with the 120c and B I think, that there not tracking there target but as you seen in this little video I fired my first missile at 26.6nm off axis of about 40-45 and it still hits home at 2.3mach.. the bandits problem was he defended to late as in tacview he tired to drive but the first missile was only 6nm away when he went defensive and was very slow at .85mach
  5. The 120c doing its job and splashing an F18c at 36,000 launched from 26.6nm and the 2nd launched for 25nm.. just so you know I have the Tacview and its the 1st missile that hits.. is the 120c fixed ?
  6. Would like F111 late mod FF & AI models early F15C FF F18 growler AI Any blackhawk FF MIG25 FF MIG27 FF MIG29 FF
  7. Your clearly not talking to me, as I only took 3 shots ???
  8. Is the Aim120C being worked on have a look at this Tacview the first missile gets spoofed hard and the 2nd fails to go boom.. 3 120c's to kill one mig ACE just crazy, the launch parameter's are close to perfect. Tacview-3 120c vs Mig Ace -DCS.zip.acmi
  9. Fonz_408


    Yes I know in my defence, it was alittle lower and I didn't look
  10. F16 all the way.. thats if!! You don't have the F18
  11. DCS F16 Haifa Challenge with a little added fun
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