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  1. Thanks for the comments! Looking for as many as I can get. I just took a look at the stick and it's the WarBRD and it did not seem asymmetrical at all. I did also notice that it seems very large and would probably be fine without an extension. If I put a small 2-3" one on is that a problem for some reason?
  2. I've been out of the hobby for a few years and want a good backup stick when I return late this year. I've got a Virpil WarBRD that I bought ~3 years ago that will be my primary stick but I had a few questions about the current state of controllers. 1) Did I dream this or where there some complaints about the Virpil WarBRD or one of the VKB sticks having an asymmetrical feel with the gimbal (on at least some of the units sold). If so, was that fixed? Which stick (if any) had this issue? 2) What is considered the premium VIRPIL stick? What is considered the premium VKB stick? I fly anything from WW1 to Fighter Jets and will probably use an extension (~3-4").
  3. Great refresh, Freesync/Gsync, HDR, OLED deep blacks, perfect size, etc... What's not to like? Can't wait to try one out at some point in the future. Anyone have one yet and/or excited about getting one?
  4. MFG Crosswind are outstanding. I've purchased several for multiple rigs and they are very well built with a solid design. Excellent support as well.
  5. Why not? This is one of the single biggest framerate enhancements...
  6. I'm in the US. Still really want to know the technical detail regarding #2 if anyone knows...
  7. Ok, I'm sure these answers are probably buried in this thread somewhere but here are 2 questions: 1) Where is the best place to preorder? I went to the HP website and clicked the preorder button which brings me to a site called connection.com While I have no issue using this site, it seems there is at least one more 3rd party selling the Reverb G2 (something like "bestway" or something?). 2) I have 1080Ti. My biggest reason for opting for the Rift S vs the G1 was performance worries. Now that I see the G2 can operate at 1/2 resolution and still have an IQ slightly better than the Rift S, I'm all over it. That said, can anyone confirm that the FPS should double at half resolution? I think that is what MRTV confirmed but just wondering if anyone else came to the same conclusion?
  8. I think I've got most every map and module. I suppose I could use remaining points for some additional campaigns or something but I'm confused if I can use the whole amount to pay or whether only a certain percent. If the latter, I think I need to stop spending more money :) Any help is appreciated.
  9. 4770K, 1080TI, 16GB RAM, SSD, Win10 (latest drivers, etc...) Ok, another one of these "first VR flight" reports... I started simulating back on the first MS simulator ~1984... Almost impossible or me to believe it's been 38 years since I was a 7th grader! Like many others, I'll say the obligatory "I never thought I'd see the day". I'm an engineer so I really appreciate the technology aside from the amazing immersion. What a great technical achievement. VR is perfectly suited for flight simulation. I wish someone from the HR community figures this out and drives their design with this priority (and not waste resources on full body room scale technical issues). The setup went "ok"... Seems like there were more hoops to jump through than expected, but eventually got things going. VR-induced nausea is certainly real but I suppose a first flight at 2:30 am didn't help the situation. Seems perfectly manageable though as I was able to fly basically 1 hr on my first flight - the excitement helped me force my way through the sweats and impending puke for most of the flight but... I may be bringing a bucket along for the ride next time just in case :) Wow!!! Just wow!!! The feeling of being there is crazy real. The feeling of flight is simply beyond what I could imagine. Especially noteworthy was the feeling of flight... I could just "feel" the plane floating through the air turbulence as it yawed and tossed like you can feel especially in RL (especially in a light plane). My brain was producing gs from what I was seeing. The sense of speed is really improved. Flying over Vegas just made me "think" I was buzzing houses. It just felt like I was there... For whatever reason, the clouds looked so much better too - maybe again because of the illusion of flight and depth of the world... they just provided that certain je ne sais quoithat made me think I was there. They "belonged" in the world and added a depth to the whole 3D space that felt "right" - this was not expected. The ability to look around just like in a real cockpit really does a great job at fooling one's mind into thinking you are there... Wow again. And the cockpits... Did F-14, F-16, and ME-109 (didn't have a chance to try the others). These 3 looked fantastic. The whole thing was more 3D than I imagined. I felt like I could reach out and "touch" things. I can't wait for the ability to activate the switches/dials with my fingers in 3D Virtual space. That will take it to the next level. Again, the sense of scale is so fascinating. The planes just looked like they should and you just get a great sense of being there because of that. The F-14 felt so much larger than the cramped 109. Amazing. Some things I noticed that I hope some non-VR virgins can help me with to optimize the experience: 1) I want the ability to make the "pass through" feature work at any time to grab the stick, etc. and/or relieve my mind for a bit to alleviate nausea. Do most folks map a key on their HOTAS to do this? It seems like it was only a function that can be activated by the hand controllers (which I don't use anyway)... 2) I started at at PD of 1.4 and left it there. I'd like to set it higher but my understanding is that anything above 1.6 doesn't really do anything anyway in terms of IQ and just slows the frame rate. Law of diminishing returns sort of thing... Can someone comment on this? 3) Scaling... The relative size of the planes felt good but absolute size could be better. I saw a "scale" sort of menu choice in the Oculus software. Is this were I scale things or is there a scale setting somewhere in DCS to do this? In general, all the planes felt a bit too small. 4) Semi-related to #3: View positioning... The default view out the cockpit felt like I was sitting too high in the cockpit. I was able to fake this out a bit by re-centering after putting my head up high and looking straight up. Is this a LUA file setting or something? I want to get the scale and positioning inside the cockpit as natural and real as possible but need to know the best place to start poking/prodding the settings to do so. 4) Frame rate optimization... It seems like the FPS were fine but I noticed a lot of "hiccuping" halts/jerks very intermittently... This may be just a TSR hanging out in the background (Win10 Firewall perhaps?). OR... more likely maybe the frames are dropping through a critical FPS (45??) and I'm seeing some weirdness that AWS can cure. I'm not really sure what AWS is or how to activate it (Oculus SW or DCS settings) but I know it's used to help frame rates. Again, I was not seeing a constant frame issue - the animation seems very smooth (looks like 80+ fps) when it wasn't halting and bucking... Exact same machine in Win 7 (dual boot) is always glass smooth when flying via a monitor, so I suspect something directly related to VR or my Win10 setup. 5) Focusing the HMD... Aside from adjusting the IPD, and moving HMD in/out or up/down, are there any other optimizations that can be done? The sweet spot does seem pretty small. My IPD is on the low end of the scale. 6) Oculus SW... Does it need to be running in the background while playing? The dawn of a new age of flight simulation has begun. Totally stoked to share the experience with other everyone and I look forward to tweaking based on feedback from others. Thanks in advance!
  10. Thanks guys so much for the comments. They are helpful but beg some additional questions in my mind... I do plan on continued use of TIR and NOT seeing screen tearing is important to me. But I'm not sure I understand. If I cannot reach 120 FPS consistently, will I have TIR-related screen tearing? What if I can't reach 120 FPS (or 144 on a 144Hz monitor, etc...) Does having Gsync on at under the monitors refresh rate help? In other words, does having a Gsync monitor ensure that at any FPS (87, 94, 117, etc...) that the screen tearing will not be there? Or, taking another view of this... Is it to say that if I settle on a non-Gsync solution, I need to be sure I can drive 120 fps if I turn on Vsync on a 120 Hz monitor? I think having answers to these 2 specific answers will help me understand what I should do. Also, I think I'll probably end up buying a 4K monitor and down sample as future proofing... I'm assuming that the image will still be fine.
  11. Shopping for a best value 32" monitor or up to 43" TV (space limitation). Any comments on Gsync or >60hz? I'd think both are icing on the cake and that the cake gets me 95% there... Keep in mind I'm comgin from a 5 year old Acer 23.5" monitor... Leaning towards a 40-43" TV... 4770K with a 1080Ti Thinking 2560 x 1440 is best That 4K may be too much but then again I want future proofing and I'd think I can downscale though I've been so out of touch on Monitor HW, I'm not sure what is best value for flight simulation. I'd like to spend no more than $600... <$400 even better... :)
  12. dburne and fri13, THANKS SO MUCH! This is exactly the kind of feedback I was looking for... I will try those settings to start... Regarding the controllers, I think I'll wait until the gloves come out... It seems like handling a HOTAS and switching out to the controllers during flight would be near impossible... I fly a lot of WW2 anyways so mostly HOTAS...
  13. Yep, that was braindead. Sorry about that. Added now...
  14. Spec: 4770K, 1080Ti, 16GB Ram, 860 EVO SSD I've played around with a Samsung VR a few years back and have been waiting patiently to try out a simulation with a decent HMD. I think I'll be tickled but hoping for the best experience. If you were to give me your top tips, what would they be? Oh, and major question... I'm out of USB Ports so I'd have to use a powered hub. Is there any concern with that and do I even need the hand controllers for DCS? I was assuming "no". The huge thread on the Rift S is a bit daunting to get through. So far it seems like top tips are: 1) Start with PD 1.5 2) Use ASW if needed... Is this just a option in the Oculus SW? Other thoughts?
  15. Thanks guys... David, I was particularly interested in your comment about TIR. I was wondering if faster might actually be worse... Does any multiple of 60 work? So, do you lock at 60fps because the sim is somewhere between 60hz and 120 hz? Or said another way, if you got 200fps all the time, would you lock the sim at 120hz?
  16. I know everyone gets all hot and bothered these days when it comes to refresh rates... And I can see how 120 or 144hz is great for FPS etc but I'm guessing it would be placebo effect for flight simulation. I'd think contrast ratio, deep blacks for night flight and gsync is infinitely more important than refresh rate for simulation... Looking for best value monitor or TV 32 - 43in Thoughts? Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  17. A VERY minor sound issue. Per title, the knob only makes sound when flipping it CCW. Attached is a short track demonstrating it. F-16 Fuel Qty Knob Sound Bug.trk
  18. I've been eyeing the Reverb for quite some time... Recently, I've been thinking the Rift S since I've "only" got a 1080 Ti... and I'm inexperienced with VR (I have the Samsung VR from 3 years ago - the one that uses a cell phone for the screen)... I'm assuming the Rift S will already be a quantum leap and might actually be better matched for my system. Long term, I plan to build a new system using next Gen Video cards beyond 2080Ti and near fastest CPU in ~9mos... At that point I'll update to a new Next Gen HMD (foveated rendering, etc...) Thoughts on Reverb vs Rift S right now? Am I overly assuming my system is too slow for the Reverb?
  19. Just ran a quick test. INS alignment and DED data relating to it is implemented now (manual also updated to reflect this). However, adding new WPs doesn't seem to be there yet.
  20. I was not aware of the phenomenon, original post corrected to avoid confusion. Tested again, only with the wind reversed, the same extreme yaw behavior present (heading to the right).
  21. Here are the TRK files for both tests: F-16 Takeoff Crosswind.trk F-16 Takeoff No Wind.trk
  22. Tested in singleplayer on Nevada, but I've noticed this behavior on all maps and in multiplayer. Description: Whenever there is any wind present on takeoff, the Viper will will get an extreme yaw pull, requiring almost full rudder to compensate. Testing: I set up a single mission and tested twice: A crosswind of 5 knots coming from the left on the first test, and no wind on the second (see screenshots). The first test demonstrated the extreme weathervaning pulling the nose to the left. The second test resulted in a clean takeoff with no yaw effect pulling me to the left.
  23. Second test conducted with another friend, on Caucasus again. Our test included us both locking each other in SAM and verifying a STT lock warning on the RWR. Results were the same as the first test, SAM lock gave an STT warning in both instances. Attached are two screenshots to verify. The TRK file is too large to upload, I'll try and get a shorter one.
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