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  1. Hi Zeus, Thanks for the intel. I hope ED and you could find a solution to bring back the Harrier to Night Ops. All my support. Loïc
  2. Pics ? I am happy that it works for you. My pics were taken from the mission "pinpoint bombing night", it begins at dusk, so I did not change any setting from the mission planning. I shall be interested by some pics, heading to WP1 at low level, from you, so that I can compare. Thanks.
  3. Same here Hi to all, I have the same issue, with DS on I cannot use the FLIR to navigate or designate target, and as you can tune of the NVG I cannot read the instruments. Attached, you can see what I get with or without DS. Moreover, you can notice that without the DS the NVG are not round. My gamma setting is 2.2. B/R
  4. Hi, Thanks, I will give it try. But since the last fix, Nvidia's settings work really fine. (I came back to full SLI).
  5. Ok, thanks. What Nvidia App are you using for those settings, because I am using the control panel, and I do not have those choises ? @+
  6. That is right, you cannot have both. But as far as I am concerned I have better performance in Caucasus, NTTR and Normandy with those settings. Could you share your Nvidia's setting so that I can test them in my rig ? B/R
  7. Hi, I flight the Harrier last night, and noticed that the UFC Dispaly and ODU were not working. At first a thought I made something wrong as I tried the cold star mission. But the display above the radios knobs were fine. So I tried the free flight mission and had the same issue. I was flying on the Caucasus map, with the last 2.5 update. B/R Edit : it worked tonight...
  8. I am wondering to. This is really annoying to have to do that every time :joystick:
  9. Hi, indeed, the use of SLI is not a big game changer, but I use it for the AA filter in SLI x8 to match the MSAA 8x.
  10. I am sorry, I made my post a little bite to quick. I am not talking about the "real time" setting, but when you have for example 8 cores listed, from 0 to 7, 0,2,4 and 6 are actual CPUs, while 1,3,5 and 7 are logical CPUs. Even with a free flight with nothing but me I endure severe stuttering. When I open the affinity dialog for DCS only 0 is selected and with this method they do disappear. No placebo... B/R
  11. Hi to all, I have those stuttering while FPS around 45-80, depending on map. To get rid of the stuttering I applied the xxJohnxx tips : ctrl+alt+suppr, open the task manger, go to details, right click on DCS.exe and assigne "real CPU" to the game. If not sufficient, assigned all the CPU. B/R
  12. Hi, I get this pic with a French Gazelle mounted with a Gatlin.:music_whistling: It will be used by SF. Cheers
  13. Hi, I am not able to assign the IR view to a joystik button. Only the keyboard entry is available. Cheers
  14. Hi all, just try the mission update for M9, the IA do not move... Cheers
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