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  1. Why not a "real" skin? (Ok, it is a J)
  2. I can't thankyou enough for that effort! Coming back to a module that has changed and improved so much without accurate training missions has been too hard for me so far. I had a great time with the early Mirage 2000 and I'm looking very much forward to flying all of your updated training missions as soon as they are finished.
  3. Ach, ich mag's so wie es ist. Wenn da die totale Kontrolle herrschen würde, gab's nur noch nen kleinen Bruchteil der Info so wie bei den großen Software-Vertreibern. Das mit dem Tornado in dem Video ist ein super Beispiel. Der Typ sah nicht so aus als würde er das grad erfinden Also gibt's dadurch Stoff für Träume und Motivation dran zu bleiben. Ist nur ne Meinung, aber meine.
  4. funny... yes. and it reminds me of my first steps in learning tricky flight models (not many years later than OP's video):
  5. No problem. Good info is better posted twice than never.
  6. It was 6 posts earlier in this thread (edit:) myHelljumper is part of the Razbam Team
  7. Not "module" but "purchase"! https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/support/faq/Discount/
  8. This screenshot lets me think so see the path at the top, plz. As a stable DCS "owner" of SA I can't prove that yet.
  9. I'm not at my PC, so I just ask: is this issue also seen in Channel and Normandy maps?
  10. As a user of the stable version of DCS I just did AAR with the viper and can say there is no deadzone and no lag even/especially on the smallest inputs. I saw very precise and "calm" response. I thought this would be correct as is. Has this behavior really changed with the latest open beta?
  11. I verry much hope there are no dead-zones implemented. Those would be poison for precise flying while AAR.
  12. For me it is certainly not a big problem not to have freeflight missions right from the start, but to be fair, such missions are more than placing a single aircraft in a map. Self designed missions don't have surprises, or "wow-moments". Especialy those with only one aircraft are not vivid. I don't think the OP means that one can't place a plane and some waypoints in ME. Freeflight missions for me are more than that. I obviously can wait some weeks for a new map's missions, but I would appreciate to klick on a freeflight mission for new maps, start on a crowded air base and have some aircraft in the air, that I don't have set there myself knowing exactly what the are going to do. So if the question is: Are freeflight missions critical for a (EA) map? I'd say no. Are they a good way to start with a new map or a new aircraft: It is definitly a YES for me.
  13. Agreed. Are there missions for the Harrier or the Mirage?
  14. Und ich hatte Sorge OT zu führen, wenn ich poste, dass ich mich feu, dass Multicore vor Vulkan kommt, weil ich mir was Vulkan wohl bringen wird schon in drei Monaten kaufen kann (RTX 40X0) aber was (CPU-)Mulicore bringen wird nicht.
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