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  1. The Mirage 2000C allows you to select an altitude which is held when reached but it is not like OP requests neither.
  2. My thought was: if the GBU dropped from the front still misses, it is not a case of missing ability to glide, but something in the tracking/controlling of the GBU (in DCS). Maybe the rate or magnitude of corrections.
  3. That would be better, but it would not explain completely what's going on in OP's case.
  4. Reading all the tread it could be interesting what happens when the GBU is dropped from the other direction relative to the moving target, i.e. from the front. The OP shows an aspect angle almost right from behind. The result should help us getting closer to the culprit of the shown behaviour. (Sorry, that I can't do this myself at the moment.)
  5. Weil it's odd that Home and Home>Activity lead to different URLs with the same content.
  6. same here. is this the "new home": https://forum.dcs.world/forums/ ?
  7. as the title says. https://devblogs.microsoft.com/directx/directstorage-1-1-coming-soon/ https://devblogs.microsoft.com/directx/directstorage-1-1-now-available/ edit: since I've found some statements that direct storage is a DirectX12 feature and ED does not plan to go that way I changed the title. @BIGNEWY If that makes the wishlist not to be appropriate for this topic anymore, plz feel free to move it to a better place, thx.
  8. Good point. But the movement of low cloud layers is visible IRL too, even when there is no storm. Edit: it might help to be standing still on the ground.
  9. I saw VR benchmark videos in this forum where this was already the case but without heavy AI. So if multicore does not reduce CPU frame times in those conditions by a good margin I would be disappointed.
  10. Weil, I hope it makes the RTX 4090 the new bottleneck. And maybe the RTX 5090 too.
  11. I still see problems with the shop and the shopping cart. (Just testing) Edit: seems to work now
  12. Now I know why there is no product sold without warnings.
  13. You got Hallowe-ED!
  14. Agreed. And by definition: it will not be the last time. Plans are not promises. I for one see planed dates like best guesses. I see the advantages of planed dates compared to promised ones.
  15. I appreciate all of your benchmark videos. They give a lot of answers to many questions I have with the 4090. I'm still interested in the impact of recording software on frametimes. Is it possible for you to compare your recorded videos with what you see when you watch your track(s) without recording? (Maybe by making a smartphone camera video? I would also trust your impressions without such a recording, tho.)
  16. In the meantime I'm gonna watch the real weather instead. It comes quite close to the announced by ED
  17. DCS is not openGL like XP11 was. So I would not expect that "MASSIVE" gain here. And there is no AMD/ATI penalty in DCS like it was in XP11.
  18. Bei mir geht's wenn ich den Link in nem neuen Tab öffnen lasse. Lohnt sich übrigens den anzuschaun
  19. I see advantages in carrying two poles. The multithreading pole and the clouds/weather pole. But I respect every other opinion in this case.
  20. Agreed. And I insist on being hyped between "soon" and release for at least 3 months! An over-night release of multithreading could be dangerous for my health.
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