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  1. Tom Kazansky's post in 2.7 Clouds disappear when I reach them was marked as the answer   
    WAIT! I've found the reason for the cloud layer "issue".
    It has nothing to do with climbing+descending through the layer. Every 160 seconds (or so, less then 3 minutes) it fades away. AND: it comes back again after a similar period of time. This seems to be intended. Not too realistic but I'm ok with that. And it explains why I sometimes needed 6 tries.
    See a track recorded with time acceleration in active pause:
    Thanks for your help @flappie! You've been pushing me to the truth.
    FA-18C 2.7.5 clouds disappear 05 Caucasus.trk
  2. Tom Kazansky's post in What does "FE" stand for? was marked as the answer   
    Google says
    ...there are single seat and two seat variants, a wide variety of stores carriage ... Fighter Escort (FE) refers to the clean aircraft with or without pylons, fuselage stores, or wingtip missiles.
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