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  1. In addition to this suggestion can we have bindable radio options (F1-F10)?
  2. Unfortunately, I will not be able to proceed with the rest of the campaign as long as this bug is not fixed. If I may guess, then I would say that the AI is not attacking because it has not detected the targets. So maybe that might be worth investigating. There are some Lua functions that can help detecting units or check whether the AI can see a unit. So maybe it would help if you let Monster-flight fly towards the SAMs and start the attack task once they have detected the SA-15s.
  3. Sorry, the link should work for everyone now. The same taxi-bug happened to me on my 2nd and 3rd attempt as well btw. So it should be easily reproducible. It seems like the AI unit blocking the runway is my own wingman.
  4. Yes, of course, but I hope you can fix those issues when the mission is stuck without a warning. In the end all AI aircraft managed to take off with 5 minutes delay, and imo the mission should have been able to carry on or at least I should have got a warning what to do in those situations (e.g. orbit before WP2 until all aircraft have reached me).
  5. Currently the possible AI tasks depend on a fixed mission type (e.g. CAS, CAP, Runway bombing, etc.), but I would like to see a mission type that includes all AI tasks for multipurpose missions. It was a great idea adding the blue/red combined arms coalitions to unlock all units for a side, so if something similar could be done for AI tasks, it would allow mission designers and scripters to add more complexity to their missions. Another restriction that should be removed is that ground units cannot be assigned to attack designated aerial targets. This would be very helpful especially for Lua script designers, who could tell AI SAM units to engage only specific targets (like e.g. only attack bombers with a Sa-2 group, or attack only aircraft above a certain altitude, or attack only HARM missiles with a Sa-10 site, etc.). Currently ground units can only be assigned to attack other ground units. I hope ED considers to add these simple changes. Imo it would open up a lot of opportunities.
  6. I have done all the radio commands correctly and followed the correct timing, but from the Tacview file I could see that due to an AI bug one of the aircraft was stuck on the runway threshold for 5 minutes after I took off. This caused the AI flights to rejoin with me very late on the Sally corridor and therefore the rejoin took place when we have reached WP2 already. This caused the following triggers to not work correctly and I was stuck in the mission for a very long time without knowing it at first. So it would be great if those frustrating trigger-bugs could be avoided. In the end it was not my fault that the AI got stuck. The tacview file is too big, so I had to upload it somewhere else. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CbuBgPUqq_Q9DRFcsAZBk4bzb7K-LU_z/view?usp=sharing
  7. I could not see this bug in the linked replay. Iirc there was a patch that significantly reduced the likelihood of this bug for me, but it still occurred afterwards sometimes. So I will keep an eye on it. For now I can show you a three months old screenshot from my PC. DxDiag.txt
  8. Thanks. My computer has a Nvidia graphics card btw. So it does not just happen on AMD cards.
  9. A few months ago I have noticed weird graphical glitches (displayed as unnatural splashes of colors on the screen) that occur a few moments before a smoke trail is displayed in the sim. At first I thought it was only due to my PC, but now that I have noticed the same kind of glitch in one of Growling Sidewinder's newest videos. So it may also happen on high end PCs. The bad thing about this glitch is that it gives you a small time advantage to realize that a missile has been fired before you can see the actual trail. For example you can see this bug at the 12:33 time stamp of this video: https://youtu.be/KheU14YF-8I?t=752 Here is another example at 10:05. https://youtu.be/IlWpX7XwNgU?t=604
  10. There are some reasons for Steam. Even though most people don't care about it or could find workarounds for the pure standalone version, I can list the Steam benefits anyway. - You can download both the steam and the standalone version on your PC. One version can be used for experimenting with e.g. mods and the other version for proper flying. - The pilot logs are bugged in DCS unfortunately. So the hours counted by Steam may help to record your playing time. - If you like to collect your favorite games in your Steam library, then it saves you another desktop icon. - The way screenshots are managed by Steam are a nice bonus imho. - The Steam support might help you recover your account, if needed. However, I have never experienced this myself to report any differences between the Steam and ED support. - Payments might be a bit more convenient with Steam. - I once needed to install an older version of DCS. For the standalone version I have found a seemingly complicated guide to accomplish this, but with Steam it was very easy. - While ED receives more money with standalone purchases, their download servers are relieved by Steam servers. I don't know how important that is, but it might be worth mentioning.
  11. Oh, that might be it. I should try that again. Thank you!
  12. I can confirm that this bug does still exist. Even though I went through all waypoints and used the F10 menu for meatboy's attack I had no allied flights helping me. Of course it is very hard to destroy all SAM threats on your own, so I aborted this mission with just 50 score points.
  13. What makes using the mouse in the cockpit much more difficult, is when the headshake of the pilot moves the mouse as well, e.g. during rough maneuvers. So how about an option to scroll the mouse independently of the player head movement along a sphere around the pilot's head? The center mouse button should recenter the mouse pointer in the player's center of view, if he looses it.
  14. Thanks, that is interesting to know. But if it means win or death during dogfights, then I rather choose this button to win a dogfight. Probably those situations never occur in real life, but DCS is a sandbox simulator in the end. @Munkwolf: Thanks for the link. I will take a look at that.
  15. Since the new update the depression of the manual sight does not work any more. Only the highest digits are movable.
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