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  1. There is probably a proper technical reason but my best guess is that there is a set of complex calculations being performed per aircraft to model wake turbulence. Multiply that by a great number of aircraft in those missions and I can see that quickly building to tank fps in no time :) https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4061711&postcount=4
  2. Try turning of wake turbulence under the gameplay tab in settings. That appears to have helped others with this issue.
  3. Order #2200 has arrived! Installation after work tonight!:D:joystick::pilotfly:
  4. A shipment from order #2200 is on the way ! :joystick:
  5. PsiBurr

    Data Cartridge

    +1 from me also! :)
  6. Got mine today also (NZ)! Thanks HB!
  7. Well, I pulled the trigger on one finally, after much indecision! I still have concerns with only having an RTX 2070 but upgrading to a 2080 Ti is out of the question at the moment (prices range from 2100 to 2500 down this way! :( ) New stock becomes available on the July 12 it seems
  8. Same wording as yours it appears :) Cobra's post has cleared it up for me though :thumbup:
  9. Same here....I got email saying my t-shirt order was sent on May 7th... :(
  10. Pre-ordered mine and trying to buy a gift also, but the recipients user name doesn't show in the list - anyone else experienced that by chance (my user name doesn't show either for that matter! lol)
  11. I 'introduced' my son and his gf to the Rift joys recently, in the Mig-15bis....motion sickness was a thing...lol
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