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  1. Not only as a server hoster having the great OverlordBot in use, but also as a player, I would welcome this API extension. Also regarding the youtube interviews with the community this year, I think I can remember API requests where a point and that API requests like this are welcomed at ED - so here we are :3 PS: rurounijones is one of the most helpful, warm and friendly people I have met on the net and for me a symbol of what a great community DCS players are. Also because of this I hope that this positive karma comes back to him by fulfilling this API wish. snowy alpine greetings, scarfur
  2. mentioned an eventual hotfix because it would not have been the first time deploying one because of crashes. no worries this is the reason I use the beta branch, to talk about beta misuse is in my case completely out of place and also a little bit impolite. And it seems to be solved as far as I can observe so far. changes made: (less than 1% chance in my opinion that this was the trigger because then you would have seen at least some kind of error in the log): changed AI F-14A to F-14B. (99 % chance that following was the issue and feels like beginner's mistake): locally resaved the .miz in the dcs client (was saved before/last in old patch version). because of that, I'm saving myself the .log uploading and because as i said, there was nothing unusual to read besides server shutdown msg. no mods in use. Thanks anyways, I will monitor if crashes happen again (doesn't look like it) and report. Have a nice day everyone! :pilotfly:
  3. hey folks, i already searched the logs yesterday but didn't find anything that caught my attention. no driver error or the like. nevertheless i had at least 20 crashes over night (dedicated server). While reading trough: » DCS World 2.5 » Bugs and Problems » Game Crash, forums, I think there is need of a hotfix. never blacked out my server/mission that hard. seems to happen directly at server start good luck to us all ;3 greetz
  4. JaBoG 69 Heya Leute, das (JBg69) besteht seit Ende 2017 und bildet sich aktuell aus einer kleinen Gruppe an Freunden, die seit Jahren gemeinsam unterschiedliche Spiele - überwiegend Simulationen - am PC genießen. Wir konzentrierten uns bisher auf einige DCS Missions-/Server-Konzepte und haben nach reichlich Evaluation, nun das für uns passende gefunden. Der workload ist hoch und wir haben noch einige Ideen, welche umgesetzt werden möchten, vor uns. [table]Geschwader|virtuelles Jagdbombergeschwader 69 pub-tag|(v)JaBoG 69 ingame-tag|(JBg69) Piloten|11 Muster|alle Sprache(n)|Funk: Deutsch/Englisch; OT: Deutsch Training/Aktivität|täglich/wöchentlich Struktur/Organisation| Aufnahme|pausiert DCS-MP-Server|JaBoG 69 (PVE/PVP) POND Campaigns Discord|https://discord.gg/WnXmMDd Ansprechpartner|scarfur[/table]
  5. FOUND SOLUTION Regarding to the post of jonsky7 I found (really surprised how fast if you look at my upper post some minutes ago :pilotfly:) a solution. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The above mentioned code in the JesterAI_Page.LUA grid_origin.init_pos = {0, 0, 0} now looks like this for me in the latest open beta branch/patch: grid_origin.init_pos = {cx * aspect, -cy, 0} so I thought, maybe it is the wrong place to look for a fix. So I did the following (my 2 screens are [in game] set up with a resolution of 1920x2160, main screen res: 1920x1080): commenting the line 16: height = LockOn_Options.screen.height; out and/or change it to: height = 1080; et voilà -- in my case because main screen res is 1920x1080 where the Jester menu should be drawn. Of course you could change it to anything you want. For example draw the jester menu to any screen you want (for this; expect the line 13 and 14 of the JesterAI_Page.LUA) Hope this help some folks :joystick: \\EDIT sry nearly forgot the post reply button xD
  6. +1 need a work around too :smartass:
  7. Hey guys, I hope this is the best fitting (thread)location for my questions :3 I lost some key activations months ago because I didn't knew that deactivating modules before reinstalling is necessary, ED is moving away from the starforce protection right? Am I right, that the limited activations and my loss of some are no longer "a problem/matter"? The next question is even more related to the topic (I guess xD) and my real problem right now: I moved my installation to another SSD (DCS World OpenBeta) and for months it was no problem. From time to time but since 2 days with every Windows restart, the Tobii Game Hub does not recognize DCS as an "installed game". In fact it did not attracted my attention until now because all was working fine; but in regedit... (Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Eagle Dynamics) I am missing the DCS World "folder". So no path or version number is there - the modules only (see screenshot in attachment). Could this be the reason for Tobii Game Hub reacting this way? some of what I have tried: creating a dcs_local_source.txt (with following content: E:\DCS World OpenBeta\) - with no entry created in regedit or solution in Tobii Game Hub after update and repair dcs_updater.exe update dcs_updater.exe repair reading 10 threads but not finding a solution^^ I'd be so happy for your help!! Merry Christmas, scarfur
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