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  1. Cool thank you. Looks like no influence of shadows. Maybe it is obsolete
  2. Could you try different combinations of blendend and shadows on the solid material? You could summarize the results and I could add it to the readme.
  3. You can check some examples with the modelviewer. For example the Kuznecow. It does not have lines only shells. Even on its runway. Same for Farp or the Oilrigs. Lines are important for aircrafts and helis but not or statics on which you want to land or roll.
  4. Yes but here it is about a ramp like a heliport or a deck of an aircraft carrier not about a model like a heli.
  5. Welcome to the blender community
  6. Those should work https://github.com/tobi-be/BlenderEdmExporter/releases
  7. Did you Download the Code zip or a Release zip?
  8. Here is some explanation
  9. Can you double check that? The collision model only has vertices and no normals. So normals should have no influence on collision. Drag is calculated by sfm, efm or what ever model is used. The .edm does not matter for that.
  10. Did you compare the settings and appearance of the export in modelviewer with the example? I am wondering about the black color.
  11. Which architecture? Do you have a link?
  12. You try to export the Camera??
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