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  1. cru

    Love your videos, man!  That is all.  

  2. I just want to throw out that I've flown the A+, the B, the C with 400 and 402 engines, and the D. Other than the avionics, there's not much difference. Not enough that someone "studying on the internet" would be able to tell the difference in performance in the real jet. There's a reason the A-D is one qual.
  3. I'm curious why you and Coyle think there's such a difference between the "2007 lot 20" and someone who's flown the Legacy hornet (A-D) that it disqualifies the opinion of someone who actually flew them in real life.
  4. if you look at the shutdown checklist, that'll get you pretty close. I don't remember anything that the crew chiefs did that wasn't part of that checklist. And it's obviously not critical (think cross country where there is no crew chief).
  5. Should be in Backup for shutdown. Therefore should be in backup during the over the rail check. Air Source Knob should be norm Eng Feed Knob Normal O2 should be 100% and OFF
  6. That's quite the cockpit. But in real life, a lot of those switches never get touched unless maintenance was done and the crew chief didn't set it up for you. A lot of the cockpit sweep is "verifying" not actually moving the switches (like the air source knob for example).
  7. Do you want realism or just to flip switches for the sake of flipping switches?
  8. This is likely true in any other jet, but does not jive with the Viper FLCS and how it works.
  9. I agree. The bottom line, as you've pointed out so many times - this is a work in progress, a video game, and limited by the information publicly available. Even real, DOD contracted, Secret-level sims are not used for this type of training and don't get it 100% right. There's a reason for the term "sim-ism" in squadrons.
  10. Worth mentioning but largely irrelevant, imho. But, again, not the intent of any of these videos.
  11. None of what we did was ever intended to be a full up analysis or commentary on the game. It was simply a fun way to get the word out about the charity tournament for a worthy cause.
  12. In real life, it would be at 9Gs without bleeding down very quickly at that speed.
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