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  1. Ok, thanks for the helpful answer. Yes, I have destroyed the complete group of SA3 and trucks and vehicles. After that I returned to the "Home" airfield.
  2. I like to ask: I have destroyed all targets in the area and the score is 50 Points after landing. Can you give me some help? I can´t finish and tried about 10 times. When the wingman dies, can this be the reason for only 50 points?
  3. Thanks for the response! Carrier coordinate is: N41-39-14.25 / E41-39-21.18 WPDSG is: N41-38-58.16 / E41-39-37.68 There is the difference as you can see on the picture showing below. Using the TDC to steer the missile to the carrier won`t work to complete the mission. About a TRK file I would help, but don`t know what to do exactly.
  4. Thanks very much for the campaign. I like to ask about the training tutorial mission 10: I can`t complete with 100 points. I hit the carrier. Can you help, please?
  5. About air to air refueling: The communication is not working in this mission. Com1, Channal1, is selected. How can I request to refuel?
  6. I found the reason: I have to switch the 3way switch on the Thrustmaster throttle down and up. Then its working. The strange thing is: On Thrustmasters throttle the flap switch is on up position and in the F18 the flaps are in the up position, too. Pushing the Thrustmasters "Flap" switch down and up will manage it.
  7. Thanks for the help to finish the Rising Squall Mission 10, I stuck in this mission, too, and will try it, also. But I asked about the "TUTORIAL" campaign of "Rising Squall", mission 10. The designated waypoint is not the carrier. The SLAM hits the coast. Sure I can use the TDC to hit the carrier, but the mission is ending with 50 Points. So what should I do here?
  8. I like to ask: Sometimes, at the speed of 340, the hornet will fly towards the sky and can`t steered down. Is there a reason for it, maybe a autopilot or an flight control?
  9. I like to ask: I can`t finish the mission 10 in the tutorial campaign "Rising squall". Using the TDC to mark the carrier will not help. Still 50 points after ending mission 10. Whats the key to finish mission10 with 100 points? Thank you!
  10. Thanks for answering, you are right. I found the training mission for using the flares at the end of all training missions available for the A-10C II. Thats a big help. Thank you!
  11. I like to ask about the Countermeasure keybinding (IR/Chaff) for the A-10C II that I can manuel release Chaff. The A-10 C keybinding is "Q", but not available for the A-10CII. I would be happy about an answer. Thanks.
  12. A-10C A-10C II Linker/Rechter MFCD= Linkes/Rechtes Display Rechter MFCD=Rechtes MFCD Linker MFCD=Linkes MFCD
  13. YAK - Fahrwerkmotfallventil = Fahrwerknotfallventil =
  14. Mi-8 Natterie2 = Batterie2
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