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  1. @IronMikeWould it be possible to get an update on this? Should our Sparrows have a TTI indicator?
  2. Yes, I tried both with and without the PD mode, just to be safe. Also tested both the M and MH
  3. Are you sure about that? I just tried it really quick and couldn't get it to work. I get a TTI counter with the Phoenix in PDSTT, but not the Sparrow.
  4. Recently listened to the Tomcast Episode 3, and around the 51:00 mark they mentioned some F-14s had a TTI for the Sparrow . Just wondering if we'll ever get this for the more modern F-14 variants that are in DCS, if it even is realistic, of course.
  5. So when we finally get the early F-14A variants, what other differences can we expect compared to the current one (discounting the things mentioned in the FAQ)? Like will we get the old beaver tail? Will we also be getting the old DLC? Also, can it even carry dumb bombs? From what I've read it wasn't cleared to carry them because of the low ejection velocities with the current bomb racks.
  6. Thank you for the answer, but seems I formulated my question confusingly. I was specifically wondering about the variants of the TF-30s for the old F-14s I believe there were minor differences in the different versions of the engine (-412, -412, -414 and -414A), primarily when it came to compressor stalls (and fan blades for that matter, but the DCS damage model isn't that advanced). I'm just wondering if they'll actually model an engine that's more prone to compressor stalls. I doubt it will make much of a difference, but it would make it more fun and challenging to fly the 14.
  7. Will we get other variants of the TF-30s for earlier F-14 variants? The current -414A I believe was delivered in 1982, which is after the IRIAF received their aircraft. So for our early navy variants and IRIAF variants will we get a different engine, or was the difference in sub-variants so minuscule that it won't be modeled?
  8. Just wondering if this is planned for our Viggen. According to the SFI part 1 this was a replacement for the 30mm that was used for training.
  9. Anybody have an update on this? Can the F-14 get TTI for the Sparrow?
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