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  1. Coolio, didn't know about the SPRD start rockets! Hehehe. :D
  2. I'd be well pleased with even a few of the major updates listed....To have them all come together in an epic bundle of Sim-fun is fantastic. :D Can't wait. But I'll have to. Waaaah. :D Cheers ED. :thumbup:
  3. I'm personally very happy to support VEAO and will definitely be purchasing on day 1. :thumbup: Although I'm primarily interested in AFM, as stated we have full systems functionality etc so it still represents good value in the meantime (and hopefully we'll have Beczls Mig 21-Bis in late March also to keep us busy till then!) Slow and steady wins the race....and keep up the good work lads. :)
  4. Yes, the peace of the purple mangosteen would finally reign in our war torn DCS World. :laugh:
  5. Purple Mangosteen, all in my brain! That canned stuff just don't seem the same! :D Fruit of the Gods. Like gold dust in the UK (fresh that is, canned in syrup they are sh*t though lol). Assuming Belinda Carlisle was right, and 'Heaven is a place on Earth', then by logical extension Heaven can be found where the purple mangosteen groweth bounteous and free, erm....'from every tree'. :D
  6. It wouldn't surprise me if Affcom can't actually find his post asking for help now (had trouble myself finding if he had the problem sorted). There doesn't seem to be any 'moved' indication for the OP in the main DCS World forum (unless I've missed it....possible), and you have to go through a couple of different links from there to find it (if you find the correct 'game crash' subforum that is.) 'Good luck' indeed. :music_whistling: :) I'll PM him. :)
  7. Affcom, are you by any chance running a multiple monitor setup? If so, not having things configured properly in options>graphics (as well as DCS World>Config>Monitorsetup) can cause problems like hangs and freezes in my experience. Just a stab in the dark mate.....may not be the case. In case you are using Multiple Monitors, MadTommys excellent setup guide may help. Good luck. :) http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=60815
  8. Me neither. Keep getting "Catastrophic Life Fail B7002" error code messages. :D Can't even 'debug' my disastrously crap and unfortunate life at the moment even with the power of "Oprah Winfrey's vastly overpriced self help diagnostics" software. She's such a frikkin scam artist. I want me money back. :laugh: Ho hum....Things can only get better. :D
  9. You have to install them (does it auto 1.56gb size) Joey mate.....link at the bottom after 'Training- SU-25T' and the lessons have a nifty new Soviet Star.
  10. Aye.....Just found out an hour ago. :( Fantastic artist and I love the Velvets and his solo stuff too. He leaves a truly great legacy. If I start posting Velvets stuff I'll never stop, but since I'm getting p*ssed up in Lou's memory.....This will do for now. :music_whistling: Richard Thompson with "God Loves a Drunk". All beer drinkers know of the life affirming healing powers of Ale, as well as its unerring and incredible ability to unlock and transcend the mundane, like making people involuntarily wake up in skips with traffic cones on their heads and so forth. Richard Thompson Live - God Loves A Drunk Will there be any bartenders up there in Heaven? Will the pubs never close, will the glass never drain No more D.T.'s and no shakes And no horrors Very next morning you feel right as rain O God loves a drunk, the lowest of men With the dogs in the street and the pigs in the pen But a drunk's only trying to get free of his body And soar like an eagle high up there in heaven His shouts and his curses are just hymns and praises To kick-start his mind now and then O God loves a drunk, come raise up your glasses, amen Does God really care for your life in the suburbs Your dull little life of dull little things and you bring up the babies to be just like Daddy And maybe you'll be there when He gives out the wings But God loves a drunk, although he's a fool He wets in his pants and he falls off his stool He can't hear the insults and whispers go by him As he leans in the doorway and sings Sally Racket Can't feel the cold rain beat down on his body And soak through his clothes to the skin O God loves a drunk, come raise up your glasses, amen Will there be any pen-pushers up there in Heaven? Does crawling and wage-slaving win you God's love I pity you worms with your semis and pensions If you think that'll get you to the kingdom above But God loves a drunk, although he's a clown You can't help but laugh as he gags and falls down He don't give a cuss for what people think of him He screams at his demons alone in the darkness He's staying alive for just one more pint bottle Won't you throw him a few pennies, friend God loves a drunk, for ever and ever, amen :drunk:
  11. I loved Microprose "Project Stealth fighter" for the C64 prior to the amiga version hehe.....think I would have been about 11 at the time. Planning your route and 'threading the needle' through Libya's radar defences, (quite prescient) and watching your "stealth bar" (lol) to see if you were being painted. :megalol: Fond memories, the manual was frikkin great though, loads of info and you even got keyboard overlays so you could learn it quicker. They definitely did "immersion" elements far better back in the day. I probably still have the original lilac-purplely box somewhere in the attic at an old property. Top drawer! :) Loved the WWI "Wings" for the Amiga as well......Legendary. :D
  12. Hello Fifi and welcome to DCS (better late than never!), I remember you from ROF and your undying love of the Spad VII if I recall correctly hehe. :) Greets to Josh Echo too, had a few good scraps with you in the very distant past, though not as prolific a multi player as in the very early days (various names but normally either IRFC Biggles or the eponymous Biggles07)....You're a good stick and worthy foe lol. :) How are you doing health wise Josh? Remember you having some probs back when, and hope you are ok. :thumbup: I saw Gavagai knocking about too, its like a mini diaspora hehe. I've always played all the sim genres and era's over many years (20+) and tend to flit from one to the other, having "phases" depending on mood; they all have something to offer in their own ways and present very different challenges. The one universal thread of commonality in my adventures throughout the sim-epochs however is that I'm diabolically crap at them all.....or maybe "pleasantly and inoffensively incompetent" is a better description. :lol:
  13. The only problem I have with this thread is the conundrum of choosing which screenie to use for my desktop. Quite difficult considering the avalanche of "aesthetic awesomeness" I'm being subjected to. :) Hey presto....Problem solved by saving faves and putting them on a slide show rotation! Loads of great work and feels a bit wrong and unfair to single anyone out, but @Frostie and Octupulfire, some smashers there in the last posts lads, Cheers. :thumbup:
  14. Great stuff gents, lovely screenies and vids (Jim Mac's tribute was mighty too). Some instant puter desktop material here. @Derelor, liked the Hog ambush pic hehe, very funny. :D I downloaded the MP thing and can look fondly upon the Hawk for now. :) "She walks in beauty, like the night Of cloudless climes and starry skies, And all that's best of dark and bright, meet in her tailfin and rivets sublime" (ermm....) :helpsmilie: to quote a horrendously and unforgivably butchered, bastardised, bludgeoned and besmirched Lord Byron hehehe. :D
  15. Bah.....As prophesied the Sim Gods hath forsaken me again....even after sacrificing an earwig I found on the spare room floor in their names (replete with appropriate incantations). I'm told they prefer Gerbils and small kittens anyway (but didn't have the heart and thought it a bit OTT ). :D Congrats to the winners though, and please do rub salt into our gaping wounds by posting screenies and first impressions etc. Nah, "like the Murphys" I'm not bitter. Ok. I am. A bit. :D
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