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  1. Yeah it seemed "smoother" though like it seemed like false positive to me, as I was at near 90 on both steam vr and openXR How are you sharpening with openXR? Also, for G2 guys how much are you messing with saturation to improve color? Or are you messing with the RGB values?
  2. I'm actually in the same boat. No real performance improvement (maybe even a few fps slower), and I use reshade with sharpening to improve blurriness in DCS. Is there any way to sharpen images in OpenXr? I'm running a 3090 so VRAM never gets full maybe thats why.
  3. Yeah mostly what folks here have said. A big part of some of its issues are the actual guidance radars not being very good. Given that we are getting the Cyrano IVM (IIRC we get the M). That should be a pretty decent radar as it was the most modern one fitted IIRC. Then for the actual 530 is a con-scan seeker, so it shouldn't be very good and easy to decoy. The Super 530 should be pretty good in look up, but both should struggle in look down modes. Compared to the R-23 which actually had a monopulse seeker the original 530 and super530F should both be inferior in lookdown. The 530D was the first of that series with a monopulse seeker. The IR 530 should be interesting, limited all aspect as folks have said kinda like the AIM-4, or Red Top. Unfortunately DCS doesn't model the actual seeker performance like this i.e. it should only be all aspect against supersonic targets since they generate a bow shock which is very visible to certain types of seekers.
  4. What about the side slip indicator bug...
  5. Yeah, all probably correct, but its not really enough to build much of model on. Honestly if there were only tac man level descriptions of the modes that would likely be enough plus some "janes" numbers for range.
  6. I wonder if the iranains could have also modified their non-slatted ones to slatted ones at some point.
  7. Yeah at one point prowler mentioned in a discord that the Gr.3 was a possibility instead. But I'd also guess its pretty far out. Apparently the issue with the Frs.1 is the radar, as they can't get the docs on it.
  8. Depends on which type of FLIR (i.e. gen1/2/3) blurriness though tends to be from the optical systems and also environmental conditions.
  9. So some good and not so good info in this thread. Basically, the Apache we have uses a TADS FLIR based on a SADA II detector, i.e. a 2nd gen flir that operates in the LWIR region. The main issues here are less so about resolution, but rather sensitivity as Gen2 FLIR's were still scanning based detectors which for all intents and purposes reduces the sensitivity of the detector as its rastered across the FOV which basically reduces the sensitivity as the "dwell" time per pixel is much less than what you would get than with a more modern 3rd gen "staring" array. This version of the tads has 192000 detector elements array in 4 columns outputting 960 lines of video, but its downsampled for the actual video feed by a bit "because TV signal reasons". At any rate, too many people tend to think of FLIR as magic predator vision as it is, but the general points that have been brought up are generally valid, moving/running/working vehicles will tend to be "warm" while non-running vehicles will tend to be "cool". Also remember that a ton of work has gone into making vehicles less detectable by sensors such as FLIR and most military paints are designed to be non-reflective and less emissive in those specific bands. And for any given FLIR image you are looking for a signal that is a combination of emissivity and reflectivity. The other thing to remember is that all signals get reduced with range (that highly scientific R^2) relationship that tends to apply to most things. Moreover environmental conditions such as humidity/clouds/rain heavily absorb and scatter IR signals, so range should further be reduced in those scenarios. And also realize that IR signals from the background are going vary very widely between day and night and inbetween i.e. the dirunal cycle and thermal crossover times. At any rate the bigger issues with the ED FLIR implementation tend not to be in the actual vehicle stuff they have modeled, rather issues with things like what the actual background images should look like at various times of day and the further fact, while the TADS operates in the LWIR as well as a few other systems, the main TGP's on aircraft operate in a totally different IR band MWIR, and will look different, especially during the day due to the fact MWIR is more effected by IR reflections than LWIR. But I'm not sure ED is actually planning to model any actual differences in sensors as nothing to that effect has been discussed officially.
  10. Yeah I'm curious really. There were reports of Iranian F4E's using mavericks, so I think that 74 version could be close, but if anyone actually knows more I'd like to hear it. I.e. were they slatted, and maybe other differences.
  11. Question is in the title... I assume the early F4E is gonna be sorta close to the iranian F4E's?
  12. IDk, I mean what are they gonna say. We are working on it. No we won't give you a date cuz we don't know ourselves? I mean thats where this is.
  13. Most likely they ran into issues with some of the weapons or radar, we've already seen it fly and navigate so... Thats likely what it is.
  14. Yeah, well people will be in for a surprise. That book laid a very very low bar for the flogger, because what they had were literally the worst versions of it (and it still accelerated like a bat out of hell). But the MLA being 2nd gen flogger had more thrust, less weight, much better aero refinements, and a decently capable radar. Basically if you want a taste of it, go grab the mi29A, load it up with R27r, and R60m and goto town... it should be about like that minus some turn rate, and with better acceleration.
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