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  1. The problem never occurred when using SVR for me. It started when I switched OpenXR. I found it would only occur if the framerate got below the 22fps threshold (MR on) even for a small amount of time. When I lowered multiple settings to keep my framerate from never dipping below 22fps the problem mostly went away. It would still occur from time to time going to the map (F10). Now it never happens.
  2. Ya, this issue was happening to me quite often with my RTX 2080 running OpenXR. I haven't seen it since upgrading to RTX 3090 three weeks ago.
  3. I forced myself to try 60hz for a couple of weeks hoping I would get used to the flicker, never could. Sold some body parts and bought a RTX 3090 instead. Finally no more stutters.
  4. I've been doing this for about a couple of years now. Really makes a difference with Liberation missions. It's a bit of a pain to set up, but worth it.
  5. I was having similar issues. Turning Vsync in Nvidia 3D settings to FAST solved my problem.
  6. I'll check tonight if it happens again. By the way, this only started happening when I switched to OpenXR.
  7. Definitely not aircraft specific. This is happening to me on the F18 if I task the system too much (get to close to alot of AI or bomb craters/smoke. FPS drops to 10-15 and does not recover. I have to exit out of DCS.
  8. Sorry, "always on" not "auto"
  9. I just turned reprojection on (always on) and it seems to be working fine. In some cases better than SVR's. That extra drop down to 30fps when it cant hold 45fps is really nice. Keeps things very smooth. Magic. Some ghosting but I'll take it. Now ill try Marianas map and see if i can start my house on fire. edited
  10. Thanks Sr. that got me on the right track. All is well.
  11. Tried replacing package. All three files are in bin folder. Really strange, steamvr tries to open twice when starting DCS and fails. Then DCS opens. I get the openxr message about ctrl-f2 from the tool kit i guess, so I think its working. If I check task manager steamvr is not running so it must be working. I'm getting between 50 and 70 FPS in caucus free flight instant action depending on how close I get to the ground, and it looks like it, meaning I need reprojection. Ill try playing with that and see what happens.
  12. Yes sir, steamvr still starts.
  13. Every time I start DCS steamvr opens. How do i stop this?
  14. I saw a major reduction in stutters when upgrading to windows 11. Now steam VR crashes from time to time but I'll take that over the stutters I was getting any day.
  15. @speed-of-heatwhat cooling solution did you use for that CPU?
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