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  1. Yeah. Yeah. I know: there's probably a gathousand of the things floating around. Well, this is mine so it's geared to the way my brain works and it fits on 1 side of a single sheet of 8.5" x 11" paper. The format is pretty basic: Numbering is in sequence order. Bullet points are sub-sequences, or particular items to pay attention to during a given part of the sequence In-cockpit labels of controls are written in Bold. The values/settings of the control are written in ALL CAPS. Corresponding keyboard controls are rendered in the Courier New font. I'm pretty sure I do not have all of the proper nomenclature and other errors (am n00bz). However, I will gladly incorporate any helpful corrections and salute those who make this better. Credit where it is due: My start-up sequence is based off the very excellent video produced by Tricker: ${1} [ATTACH]200701[/ATTACH] FA-18 Start Up Shore-Based.pdf
  2. I'm watching a lot a really great tutorials by awesome content creators and I'm watching them pan around the cockpit as a cursor sweeps over or uses a cockpit control. I seem unable to do that. My mouse has no functionality and when I go to map controls the column for the mouse is not available. It seems I'm limited to the number pad on my keyboard. It's doable but far from optimal. Thank-you in advance for any insights.
  3. Apparently that is not an option and the F-15 has only a single Quick Start mission. Everything else seems geared towards the Russian airframes. If I were to purchase the A-15 and A-10 as standalone airframes would they have the Quick Start, Training, and Free Flight content I'm looking for? Thank-you in advance.
  4. Usually I like to wait for multiple opinions (and I will) but you make a darned solid argument. TY
  5. Seeing as the two are not cross compatible I'm wondering if there is a significant difference between discount pricing, support, reliability, and whatnot. Thank you in advance for any advice.
  6. I'm imagining desperate battles to sink the other sides carriers while preserving one's own. The dogfights, the diving on the enemy through angry swarms of AAA. It'd be glorious.
  7. Honest question: Was it worth the wait?
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